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Cabinet Level 10 GT Thermaltake Snow Edition

Sunday, September 18th, 2011

Cabinet Level 10 GT Thermaltake Snow Edition

Thermaltake Launches Cabinet interesting in this case if all the futuristic design, the model in question is the GT Snow Level 10. Simply not enough to have a cabinet for your computer must have something to stand out, draw attention and is unique in appearance and design as this is the specific case of the HP 484170-001. To start the GT Snow Level 10 cabinet has a design made especially for designers of German automaker BMW.

With this card we can deduce that we are talking about a differentiated product, the model is an updated version of Cabinet Level 10 GT which is unlike this one was made entirely opaque black color, this new version was built with resistant materials but low cost besides having more traditional components. According to Dell xps m1530 battery the focus of the Cabinet Level 1 ‘GT Snow are high performance computers dedicated to video games.

Specifications in the first instance we see no doubt that you can fulfill perfectly the mission. This has three 200 mm fans plus a 140 mm rear exhaust leaving the inner plates well ventilated. If we need a higher air flow can remove one of two 200 mm fans, even have the option of washing the filters to remove Dell gd761, another major highlight of the lightweight model is the same and it has a handle on your top to carry it. The cabinet also has four bays for 5.25-inch drives.

Meanwhile the company is based in the manufacture of RAM makes available a new cabinet to its range of products, Corsair announced a new cabinet this week named Carbide 400R model has the slogan “everything you need, anything but money “and thus the Apple a1148 aims to sell a product that is now being obsolete. All black color inside and outside the cabinet can not have a futuristic design but is consistent and very sober.

One of the biggest concerns Corsair is the ventilation system. The 400R has large spaces that allow air circulation which supports the installation of some extra fans besides hoses tickets for those who prefer liquid cooling media. Undoubtedly presents measures that prevent the perfection of the Sony vgp-bps9/b overheated. The Corsair Carbide plates 400R is compatible with ATX and features four drive bays such as Blu-ray of 5.25-inch and six internal 3.5 / 2.5 inches.

One for 3.5 inch drives external and five internal 3.5 inch. We also have eight expansion slots, two front entries for USB 3.0 ports, four USB 2.0 ports, one eSATA port, support for liquid cooling and a size of 584 x 283 x 590 mm. On the front top of the cabinet the same present Dell inspiron 1420 battery, one FireWire and two audio connectors tickets. The launch price is just $ 99. Being a price no doubt that according to stand before a product from one of the most recognized manufacturers in the segment.

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Portable Printer For IOS And Android

Sunday, September 11th, 2011

Portable Printer For IOS And Android

Many users have already taken as part of their lives to devices like the iPhone, iPod Touch, iPhone, Galaxy Tab and many other smartphones as their mobile phone photo machines, and these users no longer buy most compact digital cameras only use the Dell inspiron 1440 battery as a means to capture those moments. So many accessory manufacturers have based their success in new products for different devices with IOS and Android and now adds one more to the list must surely be a success.

The partner now ideal for users who constantly take pictures with their mobile devices is called APRI Century Photo Printer, this is a printer manufactured by the company that reminds Century Japan and much of the concept of dock for phones and music players. With this Dell inspiron 1545 battery the user can immediately print and high quality photographs in their various gadgets, so for example if we are in a meeting with friends .

As for the visual design of the printer APRI Century Photo Printer is very reminiscent of a simple conventional volume dock being only slightly larger, and its dimensions are 17.5 cm x 10 cm x 15.1 cm and weighing of 1.4 kilograms. Being without doubt the ideal partner to carry with your Dell inspiron 1501 battery. As to whether visual undoubtedly have a design in keeping with Apple products with a high prevalence of colors and simplicity of its lines.

As for its use is too simple and such for our iPhone since its first generation and iPod just enough to set our device as a simple dock and an application of APRI will link interface and to print photos in as instant. In devices like the iPhone and smartphones with mobile phones Android mobile operating system a connection must be made via the Dell latitude d630 battery but contrary to what we all think this is done in a very practical and easy to provide a convenience only.

Regarding the software the company says Century Japan can also download additional free software from the Android Market and the App Store, each according to the needs of the owners of the Century APRI Photo Printer printer, printing Century of Dell latitude d620 battery is performed by transfer ends and she is capable of printing images up to 300 x 300 dpi and in JPEG format. You can also store up to 36 sheets inside the printer.

Also not to be an accessory that will give us perfect print or highest possible quality in its practicality and resources should be the focus of satisfaction of users looking for a simple printer for final impressions with domestic use. The Dell inspiron 6000 battery should reach the market soon but has not yet been disclosed or the cost or release date. It is worth remembering that Japan Century unlike many companies that manufacture accessories Asian market this has a great reputation and is supported by Apple itself as excellent companies in the sector.

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Zoom R8, Portable Recording Studio

Saturday, August 20th, 2011

Zoom R8, Portable Recording Studio

Due to the technology every day the music has taken part and gadgets that offer immense possibilities, formerly the musicians were not well adapted to technology and seemed to have a “help” put aside technological art. Zoom is known to be a acer as07b31 battery that provides solutions to musicians, the same sheep just one digital recording console called the R8 this is a team that works as an audio interface, sampler, controller and of course digital recorder.

Now everything has changed and the musicians and publishers see the technology an important aid which does not change the essence of the true artist. To add the gadget features a drum machine with a drum machine can play ten different rhythms and different sounds. We have eight channels for recording which can be acer aspire 6930 battery , basses and any equipment where the collection can be made sound through the microphone as well as no doubt the voice.

The device has two outputs and two audio inputs, a USB 2.0 and a microSD turn dedicated buttons with unique blends and equalizer. The hardware can communicate with any exclusive recording software such as Sonar, Audacity, ProTools and others known and highly professional audio software. In turn, the console has its own editing program that can be installed directly by the Acer Aspire one D250 battery. The recordings are in WAV format 44.1 kHz and 48 kHz for 16 and 24 bit stereo.

For string instrumentalists digital console can emulate about 24 different amplifiers with 18 guitar and 6 bass. To open further possibilities Zoom offers 146 different effects R8, 370 patches, metronome and tuner. The R8 may be connected to conventional outlets or by apple a1185 battery, size is 25 inches long by 16 centimeters wide. The price is about $ 418, will cost a little high but no doubt that with him we have a true professional digital console.

A practical and inexpensive solution for musicians and producers who are fans of travel to distant places where they can not carry large consoles we all know. For its part for music fans and have a phone with Android operating system IOS or a new application we really attractive. AirPlay lets you hear songs Sonos via apple a1175 battery. Sonos is one of the most revolutionary come to hear music with great sound and has just improved their performance by adding the AirPlay platform.

The application turns the device able to receive and relay data via WiFi to speakers such datos. Previously, the device could only be connected via the USB port making it impossible for the user to walk home with the phone. The update works for both teams have the Android operating system as well as IOS such as apple macbook pro 15 inch battery, iPad 2 among others. Another great new feature that gives Sonos is that smartphones have these operating systems can function as remote control, making it easy to change tracks, volume up, among others.

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Scream 4 For iPhone

Monday, August 15th, 2011

Scream 4 For iPhone

With the return of the Scream series of theaters the film company responsible for The Weinstein Company decided to launch a movie version of the Apple operating system. Companies iPhone game developers or rather for Apple’s mobile operating system IOS every day looking to launch new Dell inspiron 5100 battery and no doubt that these are not the only ones who see this great niche sales.

Scream is one of the most famous horror films over the years and certainly the recent release of version Scream 4 is not an exception. This will generate much profit for the producer and to seize this moment the company does not want to miss one second also release a video game for the mobile world’s most famous. Dell inspiron 1521 battery places us in the role of the villain, the famous ghost face Ghostface or leaving the user the opportunity to stab every teenager played by actors of thirty years.

The murderer is equipped with a knife and is intended to cover the stage without being noticed and kill innocent victims. Within each phase including a North American school action is very interesante. Among our goals we have an athlete, a cheerleader, a nerd among other typical movie. Once we found our Dell Latitude D830 battery begins a sequence of cuts that must be done in a specific order. This is a case that turns your iPhone into an old Leica camera.

In turn these objectives are not still waiting to be killed but any sound or murderer error is noticed that triggers the call to the police which can also be killed, not very educational. Bob Weinstein said the film’s producer “With all the digital platforms we have so many opportunities to expand our Dell 6y270, for example in video game entertainment that provides a high quality and efficient cost.”

The company is also responsible for the rights of such films as Hellraiser, Piranha and Halloween. As you think might be relevant also released versions for IOS. The case is called Leica i9 and be able to offer more than just an interesting design, this would increase the durability of the iPhone and would also have the high performance of a HP 510 battery. In the event that this device, would have a high cost production from 900 to 1,200 dollars.

As shown in the video reminds us of all the film and its music, settings, characters and different types of details. All without showing any of the new movie. The mode of murder is not the typical known in the iPhone which only have to press a button but in this case we must follow certain criteria displayed on the HP 530 battery to achieve this end. For complete information on this very interesting phone, a company presented an interesting and attractive concept.

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3D Printer Prints Chocolate?

Wednesday, July 20th, 2011

3D Printer Prints Chocolate?

3D printers are the new fashion market especially for those working in the industry and precisely assemble a prototype of a part without specifying actual production product. Now we can imagine that this same printer can print three dimensional objects of chocolate? This is undoubtedly a dream for any lover of delicious food. Finally this is the real project of Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council of England.

A 3D printer prints layering material which is normally the resin onto a surface, but if we talk about chocolate we face an even greater challenge because you need high precision to heat and cool it. So if you do bad piece melts and is completely lost. Thus the scientists had to work with a system to heat the material differences. According to Professor Liang Hao chocolate was chosen to show how their research with the printer can work with traditional materials other than resin, in addition to this chocolate was chosen because it is a very cheap and available worldwide.

But undoubtedly the best of this product is that researchers will be able to eat the finished product after so for example can make strategic partnerships with schools or different types of entities that can use the products and then feed the children for example. The secondary objective of the research was to show that new products can be printed such as jewelry, household items or the most diverse amount of products. There is anticipation that three-dimensional printer is available in chocolate factories. But it is probably part of a new business strategy for a future place this type of printer manufacturing of plastic products, iron tools and other types of products.

3D printers working under many search criteria and these have progressed throughout the years until today 2011 where these devices can actually create truly perfect mold of a final product. This large scale has been used in automobile factories but in clay designers create structures to avoid having to make a final product expensive and perhaps ultimately disposable.

And the same fashion when they could not not be part of the new era “green” so that a company has a 3D printer that works with solar energy and can transform the sand into glass resin. The Solar Sinter is a 3D printer that works just like the name says solar power, despite not having commercial objectives it is ecological because it uses a very cheap material such as sand. Traditional 3D printers use a laser to shape the piece is being printed by heating the resin is the material used for printing.

Sinter Solar uses the sun’s rays with a camera system to assist in the mold, sand and resin is transformed into glass, due to heavy exposure to the heat concentrated by mirrors made of glass. The only problem is that this printer has to be in a place where there is lots sun and sand. The Solar Sinter is a student project and Markus Kayser is on display at the Royal College of Art in London. Although there is no provision about making this printer.

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HTC Bliss — Women Mobile

Wednesday, July 13th, 2011

HTC Bliss — Women Mobile


Not every day we can say that a phone is targeted at an audience in particular and even less that a smartphone is targeted at male or female, but decided to launch an Android HTC for this purpose. This mobile is provisionally known as HTC Bliss and will be the first Dell xps m1530 battery powered by Android that focused and satisfactory to the needs of women. It is not known which version of Android is going to include this phone.

HTC Bliss The software has a slightly modified with some extra features to make it more attractive to women. He will have an emerald green hue and have a rubber material for better grip like the HTC Droid Incredible 2. The modifications and extra functions in software rather than HTC Bliss are attractive to women, as for example the Dell vostro 1500 battery has many screensavers or as they are commonly known Wallpapers in order to achieve a better style and glamor.

Most of the other features on the exterior of the device are similar to the current line of HTC with Google Android operating system. The device will have two camera, one front and one rear and it will be almost an inch thinner than the HTC Z Desire thus being 0.92 mm thick. Furthermore the Dell vostro 1400 battery provides such applications that help make purchases and even one that lets you know the calories of a product or even the amount of calories burned through the accelerometer.

Android is largely a male operating system beginning with its appearance and continuing with the features it offers, perhaps a device targeted for female audience may be the beginning of a new market niche for companies. But HTC has not confirmed this information on the Dell latitude d810 battery, but rumors suggest that this should be launched at the end of this year. In turn, the manufacturer also has a tablet type device again, this is the HTC Puccini.

The tablets coming into the world market is already a constant in this 2011 statement, not yet reached the half year and we have seen tablets for all tastes, sizes, prices and technology proposals. Tank the next developments in the sector are at high risk of being already a bit reiterativas. HTC also provides a new Dell latitude d610 battery called HTC Puccini. The tablet with an Italian name has its announcement expected in the coming days and will be the third tablet of HTC to market.

The product’s major feature is support for LTE 4G network AT & T. This is a great difference compared to most but for example the Motorola Xoom also has this same compatibility. Either way the idea of ​​this company is to ensure that the user has the maximum speed for Dell latitude d510 battery. In an overview of the HTC Puccini continues with the same recipe for Apple in its iPhone and has a sober, 10-inch display and a minimum of manual buttons.

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Ecowx — A Clock Spy Recording At 720p

Monday, July 11th, 2011

Ecowx — A Clock Spy Recording At 720p

When we were children many times wanted to be secret spies at least for a while? Perhaps the answer is simple and know how many series and movies secret agents have emerged with great success. Perhaps the most famous of the agent 007 James Bond and the best technology combined with action in this case will not have such an action but a high-tech device that allows us to record HD video to 720 pixels.

The device in question is a clock with the ability to shoot video at 720p, the clock ECOWX kit should be part of a perfect spy, this allows us to spy on and record what we are seeing in the most hidden as possible. This sight is a very elegant watch is not your typical video clock that records which note to the league that he is doing. This is one of the models that best disguises its real function especially if the user uses it in a suit and tie.

The manufacturer advises that the clock can capture video in 720p but do not tell us more technical specifications, or do not know if the clock keeps the videos on a microSD memory card or these videos are transferred to your computer. We believe that the watch should be waterproof and can shoot under it. This surely has Bluetooth connection to the computer as known as the manufacturer is known for developing products that function.

ECOWX The clock is available in models for male and female audience, this is not forecast price or availability but it should be released first in Korea and then conquer the world. And speaking of clocks that can be said of technology developed by Tokyoflash watch, this is a clock that tells us when we are “drunk” or have taken too much drink to drive our vehicle. One of the fittings where the designers manage to stimulate your imagination in concept papers are clocks and watches have such integrated with smartphones that run under the Google Android operating system or even same ecological clock.

This was the idea of ​​who wants to make a Tokyoflash watch with an alcohol screening, the company is known for making several interesting concepts and now resolves to innovate again. Thinking of people who have too much when drinking alcohol the company created a concept that works like a clock breathalyzer. This has all the features of a common clock and tell the time, date and alarm functions typical. But what really stands out is that in theory do the reading gets the amount of alcohol in our blood and thus make our level of intoxication.

If we get a lot at night in our car and we always think we are capable of driving even though we have taken this concept too much alcohol is intended precisely to control this major societal problem. Usage is very simple just by blowing into the hole marked this will tell us whether we are able to drive or not. Just press a button and the clock opens a compartment in which we just have to blow like when the police stopped us and in a moment we will display the results of that test. As this is just a concept we know when this watch will be manufactured, this is undoubtedly an interesting concept and could be an interesting security tool.

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Pioneer DreamVision Nettop

Friday, July 8th, 2011

Pioneer DreamVision Nettop

If we are in search of a computer specially prepared for entertainment and connectivity such as watching movies or a great web browsing, our new election could be the new model from Pioneer Computers. This is a Sony vgp-bps9 smaller and sleeker than a traditional desktop, this is already set for playing videos and pictures on our TV screen with the advantage of saving money in the final product value.

This was presented by Pioneer’s new nettop PC Computers, the DreamVision Mini Green Cap CPVT 7 Pro is a computer with compact dimensions and specifications clearly focused on multimedia content. The model features an Intel Atom D525 dual core 1.86 GHz, Intel NM10 Express, in turn has two options for Intel GMA 3150 graphics cards with Sony vgp-bps9/b or we can request an NVIDIA graphics card.

The nettop PC Pioneer DreamVision Mini Green Cap CPVT 7 Pro also features 4GB of DDR3 RAM and supports hard drives up to 1 TB or units of type Solid State Drive up to 250 GB. As the computer has Sony vgp-bps9a, six USB 2.0 ports and operates under the Windows 7 operating system. Undoubtedly some will consider that their specifications are somewhat modest, but more than enough for a product that is dedicated to multimedia content.

This team has a 21.5-inch screen with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels, the display in addition to being very large in size is tactile. As this is a processor Core i5 i3 or second generation. The team has a 310M NVIDIA video card with 512MB of memory, the amount of RAM is more than interesting and gives us the power to 8GB in turn has a Sony vgp-bps2c. Turn coupled with a low price of $ 399 may be the ideal media center for any user.

In the front the team has a 1.3 megapixel camera for video calls or to any recording. Have to complete a drive that burns both DVD and Blu-ray, card reader, WiFi and two 5W speakers plus a TV tuner option. All this advantage has priced a little high, the cost of PC DH61 DreamVision has an Sony vgp-bps9a/b. This cost is not as high knowing that we have as much existing equipment and provides the advantage of having a touchscreen in addition to being more than helpful.

Pioneer did not reveal when this computer will be available to the international market. Meanwhile Pioneer Computers has a PC All-in-One PC called DreamVision DH61, computers, “all in one” are perfect for those who want to save space in your home and in turn have an attractive visually. The newest release of Sony vgp-bps2 by the company is known as Pioneer DreamVision Computers PC DH61.

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HP Mobile Mouse: The World’s First Wireless Mouse

Tuesday, July 5th, 2011

HP Mobile Mouse: The World’s First Wireless Mouse

Hewlett Packard misses any connectivity technology such common peripheral devices such as USB and Bluetooth in this way presents the first mouse connected via WiFi. Day by day computers have fewer ports for connecting external devices, so for example the new Dell Studio 1737 battery only has two USB ports but do not really need them, since everything is connected via Bluetooth, such as the Magic Mouse external keyboard or wireless.

Now, thanks to Hewlett Packard are not going to require more USB ports as it presents the first mouse connected via WiFi, and through that probably little by little we will see many devices already connected by this development. The model in question is the Compaq HP 6510b battery, and this is the first of its class in not having cable and connect via WiFi connectivity, so this may be connected to your notebook computer without problems.

According to Hewlett Packard’s results are more efficient because we will not require any additional peripherals such as wireless USB mouse typical. The battery life is also one of its advantages as the Mobile Mouse can function up to 9 months of continuous use. The Compaq HP 6710b battery has five buttons that can be easily customized, one of them is the common navigation wheel which operates in four directions. The device can operate at a distance of 10 meters.

The HP Mobile Mouse Wi-Fi will be sold starting in June by the attractive price of $ 49.99, there is still no estimate on the release of peripheral but is probably in the second half of the year. Hewlett Packard in turn presents an ultra-thin LCD, LCD monitors are finer and better optimizations. Hewlett Packard recently announced the launch of the Compaq HP 6715b battery that besides being very thin design has a very interesting and certainly the envy of many competitors.

No doubt this news that Hewlett Packard does not explain what its function may bring a major shift to mobile devices, peripherals and other types of electronic equipment. Because this way if there is a possibility of this type of connection may be fewer and fewer wires so that it brings. HP is a company that always brings Compaq HP 6720s battery and is probably the beginning of a hegemony of the company in this type of technology.

The monitor is 21.5 inches and just 0.4 inches wide, this seems a critical weakness of the product but the developers claim and ensure greater reliability in this. From one side we have an auxiliary audio output and an input for Dell vostro 2510 battery. Hewlett Packard emphasizes the contrast of 5000:1, 25 nits of brightness and full HD 1080p display. It is also interesting to note the ease of movement of the device as being very thin and lightweight allows for easy portability.

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Daily Growing

Saturday, July 2nd, 2011

Daily Growing

The trees they grow high, the leaves they do grow green

Many is the time my true love I’ve seen

Many an hour I have watched him all alone

He’s young but he’s daily growing
Father, dear father, you’ve done me great wrong

You have married me to a boy who is too young

I am twice twelve and he is but fourteen

He’s young but he’s daily growing
Daughter, dear daughter, I’ve done you no wrong

I have married you to a great lord’s son

He will be a man for you when I am dead and gone

He’s young but he’s daily growing

Father, dear father, if you see fit

We’ll send him to college for another year yet

I’ll tie a blue ribbon all around his head

To let the maidens know that he is married

One day I was looking over my father’s castle wall

I spied all the boys playing with a ball

And my own true love was the flower of them all

He’s young but he’s daily growing

And so early in the morning at the dawning of the day

They went into a hayfield to have some sport and play

And what they did there she never would declare

But she never more complained of his growing

At the age of fourteen he was a married man

At the age of fifteen the father of my son

At the age of sixteen his grave it was green

And death had put an end to his growing

I’ll buy my love some flannel, I’ll make my love a shroud

With every stitch I put in it, the tears they will pour down

With every stitch I put in it, how the tears they will flow

Cruel fate has put an end to his growing