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Sony Vaio 3D Review

Sony Vaio 3D Review

The 3D is now one of the words listed on search engines in the world and more precisely in the case of technological devices in the electronics stores in your windows see the big sign with the inscription, so no doubt the three-dimensional mark the future. Today we have another device with these characteristics in the case of the famous line of Sony vgp-bps9 s Sony. Thus the new model is the Sony VAIO VPC-F215FB the launch of 3D features Sony, Blu-ray and everything up in technology.

In terms of design this model is not very different from what is already known in the native pattern of powerful notebooks, its terms remain the same as all the VAIO line so we are facing a very nice notebook with materials more than interesting . The keyboard like “gum” or small squares like the whole Apple line will provide a Sony vgp-bps9 and yet it is very comfortable to have interesting aspects in terms of ergonomics.

The notebook loses points only at the time of mobility and the team with 16 inches and weighs approximately 3.5 kg, so the notebook is not so light that we all want in a portable device of this type but without doubt their resources complement this problem. The Sony VAIO VPC-F215FB is ideal to replace our Toshiba pa3534u 1brs battery and can be transported more easily than a standard computer or you can be a powerful media center.

As for his performance this has two USB 3.0 ports, Blu-ray, 6 GB of RAM and a Core i7 Sandy Bridge last generation, plus a video card GeForce GT 540M 1 GB to ensure excellent performance for any task is to play our strongest games or video editing a large, as to the screen itself has a full HD high definition resolution. With a Toshiba pa3191u battery like this is not surprising that the notebook has a fantastic performance for the device have an idea as to the Geekbench has exactly 9300 points.

For example if we open the AutoCad program with another also very heavy like the Adobe Premiere CD5.5 the team is not at all slow and locks in no time. Undoubtedly, this point is very interesting since it is known the great stress that people suffer with Lenovo 40y6797 battery. One of the strengths and advantages of the Sony VAIO VPC-F215FB is the video quality of your webcam and the same uses as Cybershot cameras being so supreme quality of the video call and actually be a real video.

As for your basic benefit or 3D this is correct for example if we see that Blu-ray disc movie of Avatar the device will behave with a great performance but perhaps the problem is in the special glasses we should use and thanks to active matrix technology display the same battery requires glasses to be used, but in terms of image quality is nothing to say without a doubt the Fujitsu fpcbp64 is one of the best in its category.

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