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Archive for September, 2011

The New Gadget — iPad Nano

Friday, September 30th, 2011

The New Gadget — iPad Nano

Rumors surrounding the new iPhone 5 are already huge and the variety is so vast that much is expected of this new mobile devices which should be announced very soon. There is much talk about the future but not all smartphone rumors seem to point to the new version of the Dell Inspiron 1427 battery. So the network many images have circulated about possible iPhone 5 in many of them see a device more “square” with a screen larger than normal and apparently has been leaked by the network.

This would not be a concept or a real image on the new Apple smartphone mobile phone but it would be the new iPhone Nano. And it may seem a rumor at the moment missing or perhaps not so well over the past tech events both HTC and Samsung (the biggest rival Apple) type devices have been presented it between a smartphone and a tablet with 5 screens , 6 inches.

And if we think a little gadget iPod Touch is undoubtedly fantastic but it lacks constant connectivity and can communicate only via WiFi to the iPhone what makes a product more than necessary. So iPod Touch buyers do not want a contract with a telephone operator and if all were well buy them without a doubt a Dell inspiron 1501 battery. But what if Apple released a device left in the half-way between the iPod Touch and iPhone combines the best of both devices?

So the company could launch a product to display at least 4.5 inches in two versions one with and one with WiFi WiFi + 3G as usual in the versions of iPhone. WiFi model would be well near what is now known as iPod Touch but with a larger screen and with the similar characteristics of a small tablet. For his part would be interesting that has WiFi + 3G chipset which would connect the 3G and GPS. Users may choose to purchase the model with or without a data plan as it is done today in WiFi + 3G iPhone.

The model would not make phone calls and would be adjusted for users to take pre-paid plans for just web browsing. As for the FaceTime service could be the main means of communication of this device. Although the software does not work with the 3G mode some rumors say that this may change with the new Dell inspiron 1525 battery. And to replace the text messages would have the new application called IMessage.

One reason for this to happen is the actual user behavior against the devices. So young, and children use their Blackberry smartphone application on behalf of the BBM BlackBerry Messenger to send free messages to friends and family, the Apple Store for example have applications as they have this and just the trend shows that Dell inspiron 9400 battery have exactly the same effect. In addition to this Tim Cook said Apple CEO and the possibility of a pre-paid iPhone.

Cabinet Level 10 GT Thermaltake Snow Edition

Sunday, September 18th, 2011

Cabinet Level 10 GT Thermaltake Snow Edition

Thermaltake Launches Cabinet interesting in this case if all the futuristic design, the model in question is the GT Snow Level 10. Simply not enough to have a cabinet for your computer must have something to stand out, draw attention and is unique in appearance and design as this is the specific case of the HP 484170-001. To start the GT Snow Level 10 cabinet has a design made especially for designers of German automaker BMW.

With this card we can deduce that we are talking about a differentiated product, the model is an updated version of Cabinet Level 10 GT which is unlike this one was made entirely opaque black color, this new version was built with resistant materials but low cost besides having more traditional components. According to Dell xps m1530 battery the focus of the Cabinet Level 1 ‘GT Snow are high performance computers dedicated to video games.

Specifications in the first instance we see no doubt that you can fulfill perfectly the mission. This has three 200 mm fans plus a 140 mm rear exhaust leaving the inner plates well ventilated. If we need a higher air flow can remove one of two 200 mm fans, even have the option of washing the filters to remove Dell gd761, another major highlight of the lightweight model is the same and it has a handle on your top to carry it. The cabinet also has four bays for 5.25-inch drives.

Meanwhile the company is based in the manufacture of RAM makes available a new cabinet to its range of products, Corsair announced a new cabinet this week named Carbide 400R model has the slogan “everything you need, anything but money “and thus the Apple a1148 aims to sell a product that is now being obsolete. All black color inside and outside the cabinet can not have a futuristic design but is consistent and very sober.

One of the biggest concerns Corsair is the ventilation system. The 400R has large spaces that allow air circulation which supports the installation of some extra fans besides hoses tickets for those who prefer liquid cooling media. Undoubtedly presents measures that prevent the perfection of the Sony vgp-bps9/b overheated. The Corsair Carbide plates 400R is compatible with ATX and features four drive bays such as Blu-ray of 5.25-inch and six internal 3.5 / 2.5 inches.

One for 3.5 inch drives external and five internal 3.5 inch. We also have eight expansion slots, two front entries for USB 3.0 ports, four USB 2.0 ports, one eSATA port, support for liquid cooling and a size of 584 x 283 x 590 mm. On the front top of the cabinet the same present Dell inspiron 1420 battery, one FireWire and two audio connectors tickets. The launch price is just $ 99. Being a price no doubt that according to stand before a product from one of the most recognized manufacturers in the segment.

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Dell Unveils M6600 And M4600 As Their Notebooks

Friday, September 16th, 2011

Dell Unveils M6600 And M4600 As Their Notebooks

Not a single new release of the company known worldwide for the quality of its notebook-type devices but is a major release in the sector and two notebooks Dell Launches Solid State Drive with disks of large storage capacity to Contrary to the other party takes place in which only a maximum of 256GB. So we have two Dell inspiron 1764 battery users who need a great power in your laptop as professionals in the segment of music, engineers, architects, designers and so on.

The models were announced last May and now coming to market for the happiness of consumers. The first highlight of the new notebooks is the presence of disk SATA SSD Solid State Drive 3 with storage capacity of 512 GB. Besides this in the case of the M6600 model we can find an Dell inspiron 1564 battery with 4 GB of GDDR5 RAM which ensures an excellent performance in demanding software in terms of graphics.

Dell consulted some customers in the area of ​​the media industry, entertainment and creativity to identify needs in a laptop. And chief among them is a means of handling a large amount of data with greater agility. These customers regularly work with Dell vostro 1510 battery for that hard drives faster and more robust graphics issues result in faster, faster playback and simultaneous video streams.

To address the need for users to add Dell Precision M6600 models M4600 and SSD 512 GB SATA 3 offering read and write rates of up to 500 MB per second and 300 MB per second respectively. In the case of the M6600 model we have two slots that can receive up to two 512 GB SSD plus a slot format for up to 128 GB Mini. The initial price of the two new Dell latitude d630 battery from Dell is $ 1,120.

Meanwhile Dell also launches a new notebook with AMD processor, and Dell has a mid-priced notebook dedicated to corporate users. The new Vostro 3555 is notable for having a configuration set for speed when running applications without having a weight in the bag. One of the great highlights of the Dell inspiron 9300 battery is its processing capacity, are two options for dual core AMD Llano E2-3000M and 3500M quad-core A8 working in partnership with AMD Radeon HD graphics card.

The new Dell laptop with a 15.6-inch 1366 x 768 pixels and anti-glare property, 6 GB of RAM, hard disk of 500 GB, DVD or Blu-ray combo also. The model is also known for presenting a keyboard resistant to liquid droplets. To complement the settings have a Dell inspiron 15r battery, fingerprint reader, three USB 3.0 ports, one hybrid SATA / USB 2.0 and one HDMI port. The laptop comes with Windows 7 operating system and is available in the international market with initial price of $ 429.

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Portable Printer For IOS And Android

Sunday, September 11th, 2011

Portable Printer For IOS And Android

Many users have already taken as part of their lives to devices like the iPhone, iPod Touch, iPhone, Galaxy Tab and many other smartphones as their mobile phone photo machines, and these users no longer buy most compact digital cameras only use the Dell inspiron 1440 battery as a means to capture those moments. So many accessory manufacturers have based their success in new products for different devices with IOS and Android and now adds one more to the list must surely be a success.

The partner now ideal for users who constantly take pictures with their mobile devices is called APRI Century Photo Printer, this is a printer manufactured by the company that reminds Century Japan and much of the concept of dock for phones and music players. With this Dell inspiron 1545 battery the user can immediately print and high quality photographs in their various gadgets, so for example if we are in a meeting with friends .

As for the visual design of the printer APRI Century Photo Printer is very reminiscent of a simple conventional volume dock being only slightly larger, and its dimensions are 17.5 cm x 10 cm x 15.1 cm and weighing of 1.4 kilograms. Being without doubt the ideal partner to carry with your Dell inspiron 1501 battery. As to whether visual undoubtedly have a design in keeping with Apple products with a high prevalence of colors and simplicity of its lines.

As for its use is too simple and such for our iPhone since its first generation and iPod just enough to set our device as a simple dock and an application of APRI will link interface and to print photos in as instant. In devices like the iPhone and smartphones with mobile phones Android mobile operating system a connection must be made via the Dell latitude d630 battery but contrary to what we all think this is done in a very practical and easy to provide a convenience only.

Regarding the software the company says Century Japan can also download additional free software from the Android Market and the App Store, each according to the needs of the owners of the Century APRI Photo Printer printer, printing Century of Dell latitude d620 battery is performed by transfer ends and she is capable of printing images up to 300 x 300 dpi and in JPEG format. You can also store up to 36 sheets inside the printer.

Also not to be an accessory that will give us perfect print or highest possible quality in its practicality and resources should be the focus of satisfaction of users looking for a simple printer for final impressions with domestic use. The Dell inspiron 6000 battery should reach the market soon but has not yet been disclosed or the cost or release date. It is worth remembering that Japan Century unlike many companies that manufacture accessories Asian market this has a great reputation and is supported by Apple itself as excellent companies in the sector.

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Meizu MX Quad-Core Smartphone

Friday, September 9th, 2011

Meizu MX Quad-Core Smartphone

A very powerful smartphone is coming to market, and certainly is designed to combat potential new and powerful super cell phones that come in September. We are talking about the new iPhone in May and the new Sony vgp-bps9/s could be released in October. Similarly and for the moment no manufacturer was officially confirmed and some even report that the model can hit the stores in an alternate version with a dual-core processor.

Probably this model as is common not to reach the international market and only stay in the Asian region. Thus Meizu already revealed some images of your next mobile phone Meizu smartphone called MX which comes with the highlight being one of the few in the market to feature processor quad-core type. Rumors about the release began with Dell inspiron 6400 battery, and Meizu CEO Jack Wong had anticipated that this future would be to use a smartphone quad-core processor.

At the time the speculation about which manufacturer would provide the processors for such devices, citing names like Freescale, Qualcomm and Nvidia that at the time throwing on the market its quad-core processors. A strong hint came from a newspaper which supposedly would have had access to information and characteristics of the Dell latitude d830 battery. According to this newspaper MX Meizu phone smartphone to come with a dual core Cortex A9 processor with 1 GHz and 1GB of RAM and ROM.

Besides this would have a four-inch touchscreen with a resolution of 960 x 640 pixels, 1 GB of storage, eight-megapixel rear camera, 3G connectivity, WiFi, Bluetooth and GPS. The MX Meizu addition to all this power would have a camera recording HD video at 1080p, in turn leaked a rumor that the secondary chamber would be to have video calling 2 megapixel quality. It only remains to hope that new Apple a1189 will the new Google Phone 5 and which we believe will have new extremes to achieve real success.

Also other sources indicate that the model would come with a version of quad-core processor and 32 GB of storage, this version would be released within two months of being introduced the first model to be without doubt one of the most powerful mobile market. The images published on the Internet showed a phone with Dell xps m1210 battery, presenting four features of the iPhone, iPhone 3G and Samsung Galaxy S.

As for your operating system Android 2.3 but this would be an interface with the company’s own Meizu. The launch of the Meizu MX model is expected for the month of September in China, has not yet confirmed the report by the manufacturer but we hope Dell vostro 1720 battery is a great competitor of the new phones from different companies Samsung, HTC, Apple and Google’s current leaders Total respect to all devices and mobile operating systems.

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Tablet With Bluetooth Remote Control

Tuesday, September 6th, 2011

Tablet With Bluetooth Remote Control

Yesterday the news was provided just reporting that the tablets are used to play it for a purpose “useful” now well known GameStop store prepares a tablet with bluetooth remote control. GameStop is a very famous store which specializes in video games can be found in the United States and many European countries. It not only sell Dell inspiron 6000 battery, consoles and everything related to this exciting world but you can also find phones, tablets and various gadgets.

Recently the company made some announcements that move the world of games, and so the company just say that there is a great chance to launch a tablet dedicated to video games this year. The president of GameStop Tony Bartel company is deciding whether to develop its own tablet or they will partner with another company to launch the Dell inspiron 1520 battery, but the reality is that the idea is more than set at the head of the company.

It would be a huge gamble by the company for successful new market for devices that are growing day by day. Tony said it all depends on how is the experience of gaming, in addition to also depend on all the flexibility of the tablet as this will require a device with Bluetooth capacity by being the perfect control to interact with Dell xps m1530 battery. The company did not confirm any GameStop release date for this year, so we should only expect this exciting product and service are realized.

“If we can work with our partners so that they give us a good tablet and a wealth of experience coupled with a Bluetooth control, then we have no need to develop our own device tablet,” said Bartel. GameStop plans to do something like OnLive where we only need to be connected to the Dell latitude d830 battery to enjoy almost any game. For this, the company recently acquired the small company Spawn Labs which specializes in digital distribution.

It also states that if they find a good partner will be responsible for creating and developing an own team. All with one purpose which is to play in one tablet as we do in our favorite consoles. In turn, the company would be one of GameStop future competitors of Apple in battle of the tablets, and also after the release of the Sony vgp-bps9/b the company can create a game store like the famous App Store. Everything happens in the music of Honest Eyes of the band Black Tide.

This is because GameStop is motivated to sell games via digital future shop and promises that in future all titles available in physical stores will also be in digital versions. The service would operate as follows, when we are with our tablet or computer game will be processed elsewhere in the world except that it’s going to happen in real time. With Dell xps m1210 battery we will need only an Internet connection to play many games, the company also aims to globalize this concept and bring it to a service both on computers and televisions.

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Sony Vaio 3D Review

Saturday, September 3rd, 2011

Sony Vaio 3D Review

The 3D is now one of the words listed on search engines in the world and more precisely in the case of technological devices in the electronics stores in your windows see the big sign with the inscription, so no doubt the three-dimensional mark the future. Today we have another device with these characteristics in the case of the famous line of Sony vgp-bps9 s Sony. Thus the new model is the Sony VAIO VPC-F215FB the launch of 3D features Sony, Blu-ray and everything up in technology.

In terms of design this model is not very different from what is already known in the native pattern of powerful notebooks, its terms remain the same as all the VAIO line so we are facing a very nice notebook with materials more than interesting . The keyboard like “gum” or small squares like the whole Apple line will provide a Sony vgp-bps9 and yet it is very comfortable to have interesting aspects in terms of ergonomics.

The notebook loses points only at the time of mobility and the team with 16 inches and weighs approximately 3.5 kg, so the notebook is not so light that we all want in a portable device of this type but without doubt their resources complement this problem. The Sony VAIO VPC-F215FB is ideal to replace our Toshiba pa3534u 1brs battery and can be transported more easily than a standard computer or you can be a powerful media center.

As for his performance this has two USB 3.0 ports, Blu-ray, 6 GB of RAM and a Core i7 Sandy Bridge last generation, plus a video card GeForce GT 540M 1 GB to ensure excellent performance for any task is to play our strongest games or video editing a large, as to the screen itself has a full HD high definition resolution. With a Toshiba pa3191u battery like this is not surprising that the notebook has a fantastic performance for the device have an idea as to the Geekbench has exactly 9300 points.

For example if we open the AutoCad program with another also very heavy like the Adobe Premiere CD5.5 the team is not at all slow and locks in no time. Undoubtedly, this point is very interesting since it is known the great stress that people suffer with Lenovo 40y6797 battery. One of the strengths and advantages of the Sony VAIO VPC-F215FB is the video quality of your webcam and the same uses as Cybershot cameras being so supreme quality of the video call and actually be a real video.

As for your basic benefit or 3D this is correct for example if we see that Blu-ray disc movie of Avatar the device will behave with a great performance but perhaps the problem is in the special glasses we should use and thanks to active matrix technology display the same battery requires glasses to be used, but in terms of image quality is nothing to say without a doubt the Fujitsu fpcbp64 is one of the best in its category.

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