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LG Optimus Sun: Ultra AMOLED Display

LG Optimus Sun: Ultra AMOLED Display

LG officially announced in yesterday’s mobile phone smartphone type Optimus Sun also known as LG-E730. It works under the latest version of the Google Android operating system Gingerbread, but the device features a new Ultra AMOLED screen. The name Sun has to do with the Dell c1295 battery that the manufacturer gives this new product, called Ultra-known and AMOLED. This screen is capable of displaying images more crisp and clear just when the device is exposed to the outdoors with a day of full sun.

The only problem no doubt is already known to many users of smartphones today, and this is the big battery consumption of these screens as bright. As a result users should decrease the brightness of the screen and thus reducing the visual quality just the same. The on-screen display of Dell inspiron e1405 battery is crucial and should all be seen clearly and precisely the new AMOLED screen Ultra completely finished with this problem of not being able to visualize the sun our team.

This new display has two screens yet reflective to reduce the degradation of image quality when exposed to the Sun According to LG the screen is perfect for anyone who uses your smartphone more out of your home or work within, this does not cause any discomfort to the user and should not have to adjust the brightness depending on where you are. For other HP pavilion dv9000 battery, the LG Optimus Sun is a medium considered device sold under the marketing.

According to LG Optimus Sun will be released in Europe in the second fortnight of September and the launch to happen in South America in October. The model will come with three color options white, black and titanium depending on the region of release. Its official price was announced but not yet guaranteed that Dell vostro 1510 battery will be LG and cheaper in its class. In terms of design the model is very simple and with a format already known to all.

Meanwhile LG announced a washer receiving orders through our Android smartphone, a new smart technology present in the washing machine from LG comes into the world, the Smart Washing Machine promises to be a very functional solution to save time for women and men modern world do not have time for anything. Smart Dell inspiron 9300 battery is one of the products of the great line of smart appliances that LG is developing.

For being the Android smartphone with 1 GHz processor with AMOLED display market more accessible. Its 3.8-inch screen features and its overall structure is 9.8 millimeters thick. The model comes with version 2.3 of the Android OS Gingerbread, support for Flash 10.1, five-megapixel camera with Dell vostro 1710 battery, DLNA connectivity, WiFi, 3G and GPS. This new line is called THINQ is launched during CES 2011 in Las Vegas earlier this year. LG plans to launch the intelligent washing machines to the international market before the end of the year 2011.

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