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Toshiba Qosmio: Notebook For 3D And 2D

Toshiba Qosmio: Notebook For 3D And 2D


With the great mass of 3D fashion another company aims’re eyes towards it but in a differentiated way. It aimed at users who have not yet adapted to this format but have a son, girlfriend if they are big fans of the three dimensions. This model has the technology of reproduction in 3D without Dell Latitude D830 battery, which is unique to Toshiba and play stereoscopic 3D images in a window. While it can display images in two dimensions in another window.

This solution is part of Toshiba Qosmio T851/D8CR the model, this is the first notebook in the world to play 2D and 3D content at the same time. The images of Nintendo’s portable console are displayed simultaneously on each eye separately for leaving the viewing angle a bit tight. In the product of Toshiba uses a built-in Dell 6y270 for a more dynamic experience with a webcam that keeps rastreamiento thus identifying the position of our eyes.

In practice, the technology allows users to view 3D images with 720p resolution in a dedicated window for it and without the need for glasses for this. Furthermore we will be able to work normally in another window by sending e-mails or surfing the internet. The three-dimensional images are output using the side effect, this HP 510 battery is very similar to what we have in the new Nintendo console, which also emits 3DS images in three dimensions.

Besides this, the notebook has Active Lens system integrated with its LED display and controls the polarization of light emitted from the screen itself. So it can display separate images for each eye with a higher level of accuracy. The HP 530 battery will be available in Japan this April, about the price and release date were not disclosed, nor the presentation in the United States, without a doubt that this technology promises a lot.

The notebook has a new version of the Cell processor that equips such as the Sony PlayStation 3 console and was developed in partnership by Toshiba, Sony and IBM. Allowing the conversion of two-dimensional images to three dimensions in real time. To demonstrate the ability of Apple a1175 on its stand at CES 2011 l new monitors and PCs All-in-One created by Lenovo, and the most prominent of these is the L2363d monitor.

The 3D Vision is a combination of graphics cards, 3D glasses, special software and certified instructors to create a total immersion experience in 3D. Lenovo’s 3D monitor has a resolution L2363d FullHD 1080p and two webcams to capture photos in three dimensions as well as being able to make video conferences in three dimensions using 3D glasses and Vision NVIDIA. This is the ideal companion IdeaCentre K330, a high performance Apple a1185 designed for people who like video games, it is equipped with a NVIDIA GeForce GTX460 silver.

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