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Samsung Galaxy Pro Review

Samsung Galaxy Pro Review

In March 2011 Samsung has expanded its proposal devices Galaxy line with four new models that had more modest specs but with the same highly successful concept of the Samsung Galaxy S. One such model is the Samsung Galaxy Pro a Acer UM08A73 that was made at the time but I think it’s time to do a review because there are few developments in the segment of mobile phones nowadays.

Design-wise the Samsung Galaxy Pro is very precise and straight lines, for many this design can be a bit old or ugly mainly against the large universe of mobile phones with full touch screen, but for many these smartphones are perfect for daily work. Thus there is no doubt that the Acer UM08A75 models are a success and have a very large audience. For this model presents a QWERTY keyboard which is very welcomed by a lot of people.

The QWERTY keyboard is a little harder to type than other models of Nokia or BlackBerry while it is only a matter of getting used to it. Besides this the model has a great resemblance to the Motorola model called Charm launched last year and other manufacturers like LG and have been inspired in this format to launch new Acer Aspire one A110 battery solutions with this type of physical keyboards. Either way the Samsung Galaxy Pro offers a great grip for writing texts.

In terms of resources the Samsung Galaxy Pro is undoubtedly great feature your physical QWERTY keyboard that allows you to write more practical and more accurately than the virtual keyboards. Although a bit keys together and with a different layout to normal keyboard after a few days of use is equally comfortable for users with Acer Aspire one A150 battery. Resources account management and data synchronization works perfectly and can be controlled simply by the user.

The four command buttons on the Android operating system may be a little complicated for a first time user. Another of his points in the camera negative is that despite having the same auto focus has a resolution of only 3 megapixels. Although we all know we’re talking about a mobile device aimed at a corporate environment and the Acer Aspire one D150 battery just is not the important point in this kind of mobile phones.

Its performance is also nice because it has a 800 MHz processor and operating system Android 2.2 phone is the Froy. This combination ensures a satisfactory performance for the smartphone with a dynamic performance and almost no errors. The only downside of the Acer Aspire one D250 battery is the low amount of RAM which is 279 MB. Another problem reported by users is in the connections WiFi and GPS, WiFi reception is a bit low compared to competitors with a very weak signal in places where there are some walls that cut the signal.

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