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Archive for August, 2011

LG Optimus Sun: Ultra AMOLED Display

Wednesday, August 31st, 2011

LG Optimus Sun: Ultra AMOLED Display

LG officially announced in yesterday’s mobile phone smartphone type Optimus Sun also known as LG-E730. It works under the latest version of the Google Android operating system Gingerbread, but the device features a new Ultra AMOLED screen. The name Sun has to do with the Dell c1295 battery that the manufacturer gives this new product, called Ultra-known and AMOLED. This screen is capable of displaying images more crisp and clear just when the device is exposed to the outdoors with a day of full sun.

The only problem no doubt is already known to many users of smartphones today, and this is the big battery consumption of these screens as bright. As a result users should decrease the brightness of the screen and thus reducing the visual quality just the same. The on-screen display of Dell inspiron e1405 battery is crucial and should all be seen clearly and precisely the new AMOLED screen Ultra completely finished with this problem of not being able to visualize the sun our team.

This new display has two screens yet reflective to reduce the degradation of image quality when exposed to the Sun According to LG the screen is perfect for anyone who uses your smartphone more out of your home or work within, this does not cause any discomfort to the user and should not have to adjust the brightness depending on where you are. For other HP pavilion dv9000 battery, the LG Optimus Sun is a medium considered device sold under the marketing.

According to LG Optimus Sun will be released in Europe in the second fortnight of September and the launch to happen in South America in October. The model will come with three color options white, black and titanium depending on the region of release. Its official price was announced but not yet guaranteed that Dell vostro 1510 battery will be LG and cheaper in its class. In terms of design the model is very simple and with a format already known to all.

Meanwhile LG announced a washer receiving orders through our Android smartphone, a new smart technology present in the washing machine from LG comes into the world, the Smart Washing Machine promises to be a very functional solution to save time for women and men modern world do not have time for anything. Smart Dell inspiron 9300 battery is one of the products of the great line of smart appliances that LG is developing.

For being the Android smartphone with 1 GHz processor with AMOLED display market more accessible. Its 3.8-inch screen features and its overall structure is 9.8 millimeters thick. The model comes with version 2.3 of the Android OS Gingerbread, support for Flash 10.1, five-megapixel camera with Dell vostro 1710 battery, DLNA connectivity, WiFi, 3G and GPS. This new line is called THINQ is launched during CES 2011 in Las Vegas earlier this year. LG plans to launch the intelligent washing machines to the international market before the end of the year 2011.

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Toshiba Qosmio: Notebook For 3D And 2D

Monday, August 29th, 2011

Toshiba Qosmio: Notebook For 3D And 2D


With the great mass of 3D fashion another company aims’re eyes towards it but in a differentiated way. It aimed at users who have not yet adapted to this format but have a son, girlfriend if they are big fans of the three dimensions. This model has the technology of reproduction in 3D without Dell Latitude D830 battery, which is unique to Toshiba and play stereoscopic 3D images in a window. While it can display images in two dimensions in another window.

This solution is part of Toshiba Qosmio T851/D8CR the model, this is the first notebook in the world to play 2D and 3D content at the same time. The images of Nintendo’s portable console are displayed simultaneously on each eye separately for leaving the viewing angle a bit tight. In the product of Toshiba uses a built-in Dell 6y270 for a more dynamic experience with a webcam that keeps rastreamiento thus identifying the position of our eyes.

In practice, the technology allows users to view 3D images with 720p resolution in a dedicated window for it and without the need for glasses for this. Furthermore we will be able to work normally in another window by sending e-mails or surfing the internet. The three-dimensional images are output using the side effect, this HP 510 battery is very similar to what we have in the new Nintendo console, which also emits 3DS images in three dimensions.

Besides this, the notebook has Active Lens system integrated with its LED display and controls the polarization of light emitted from the screen itself. So it can display separate images for each eye with a higher level of accuracy. The HP 530 battery will be available in Japan this April, about the price and release date were not disclosed, nor the presentation in the United States, without a doubt that this technology promises a lot.

The notebook has a new version of the Cell processor that equips such as the Sony PlayStation 3 console and was developed in partnership by Toshiba, Sony and IBM. Allowing the conversion of two-dimensional images to three dimensions in real time. To demonstrate the ability of Apple a1175 on its stand at CES 2011 l new monitors and PCs All-in-One created by Lenovo, and the most prominent of these is the L2363d monitor.

The 3D Vision is a combination of graphics cards, 3D glasses, special software and certified instructors to create a total immersion experience in 3D. Lenovo’s 3D monitor has a resolution L2363d FullHD 1080p and two webcams to capture photos in three dimensions as well as being able to make video conferences in three dimensions using 3D glasses and Vision NVIDIA. This is the ideal companion IdeaCentre K330, a high performance Apple a1185 designed for people who like video games, it is equipped with a NVIDIA GeForce GTX460 silver.

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New Apple iPhone 3

Saturday, August 27th, 2011

New Apple iPhone 3

The next generation of Apple tablet should begin to be produced after October or rather after the big launch of the new iPhone in May, Apple is a company that has a way of acting before the world ever constant and marketing strategy changed very little since its inception and the company has produced Dell latitude d630 battery launched after an earlier, and the iPad 2 began to occur after the former was introduced Apple’s smartphone is why many think this is the same strategy for the new iPad 3.

When it launches will also be extremely successful as all their products. This time the good news from a reliable source of Wall Street Journal, the journal of communication known and respected in the world. According to Dell xps m1210 battery and Wall Street Journal commissioned pieces sufficient to produce about 1.5 million Cases until the end of the current year’s fourth quarter 2011. The sources consulted by the newspaper say the Cupertino company ordered to produce high-resolution screens.

Another big rumor reinforced by the Wall Street Journal that the new iPhone 3 will finally display the famous known by Apple as “Retina Display” shows already on the iPhone 4. The expectation is that the Apple tablet will continue with the Dell latitude d600 battery with incredible resolution of 2048 x 1536 pixels. Still according to the Wall Street Journal Apple is excited about the new release and has already given the freedom to Asian suppliers.

As many know different manufacturers Apple instructs its then if manufacturing parts in one place all the devices to keep silence novelty, but as we all know the rumors or news leaked always anticipated on the new iPhone 3, which already have the news about his display and some manufacturers announced and more powerful processors and a new Toshiba pa3534u-1brs battery would have to do with the new Near Field Coomunication.

The company led by Steve Jobs is planning to launch the next generation of iPhone for the start of next year 2012. As is customary, and Apple would not comment on the allegations of this newspaper. If the Wall Street Journal is correct only in a few months we’ll know when Steve Jobs introduced the new Dell vostro 1710 battery at the moment we can only think of the new iPhone is probably 5 in the market soon.

For its part also known as real rumors about the new Apple augmented reality in their devices. Relevant information may appear on the iPhone Maps application of 5, so instead of displaying the map from above position would view as if we were on top of a car driving through the streets. Nokia recently revealed in turn a new Dell inspiron 9300 battery that shows precisely this for your Symbian OS. Now on the patenting of the U.S. Apple was a first initiative to work on a future after this.

The difference with the rest of this resource is that it would need to install anything but this new feature and come with the new Apple operating system, perhaps with new IOS and 5. Trackback: Solar Talk

IOS + MAC OS X = New OS By 2012?

Thursday, August 25th, 2011

IOS + MAC OS X = New OS By 2012?

It’s been a long time, analysts have said that Apple is getting everything ready in the near future have a single integrated operating system between two operating systems, and mobile operating system and IOS operating system your computers MAC OS X be integrated to be one. So analysts suggest that because the Acer UM08A41 is preparing to merge and unify its two operating systems.

According to this analysis suggests that combining the two operating systems Apple facilitate the process of licensing of such films and television programs, as it could provide this content in the cloud. This will enable users of Acer UM08A51, iPod Touch, iPhone, Apple TV and Mac have the same user experience once all the contents would be from the same source and have the same form of display.

Experts believe that the merger of the systems could boost sales of the company and with the launch of a single system can result in a large increase in sales across the line under the Apple brand. It is expected to launch a new Apple MacBook Air processor Acer UM08A71 in 2012 or 2013 that will have the ability to run applications for both IOS and Mac OS X users thus preparing for a future version of the users combined.

No doubt they are all speculations but roughly noting how Apple is changing a lot of their products and are very similar operating systems and the latest MAC OS X LION and presents various aspects of IOS and certainly the new Acer UM08A73 is a faithful example of this, no doubt the change will not be today or tomorrow but this is sure to happen but Apple has already prepared the product for 2012 at least to see the reaction of the public.

The new operating system would be called iOSX? We just have to wait to see the new innovations of the most successful company in recent times. Meanwhile another rumor the company said that production of the Magic Mouse could end apparently shops would no longer be getting the Acer UM08A75. Apparently the poor sales of the Trackpad Magic would be leading the company to try a strategy I think wrongly removed from production one of its best products.

All without doubt due to the high integration of MAC OS X LION this new peripheral that Apple introduced some time ago. This is not the first radical attitude of the company, for example with your MacBook Air the company take off drive for CDs and DVDs, so I had to adapt to users external drives or Acer Aspire one A110 battery. Personally I think it would be a great loss for professional users who use your Mac for designing or editing photos.

Lenovo ThinkVision LT1421: USB Slave Monitor

Monday, August 22nd, 2011

Lenovo ThinkVision LT1421: USB Slave Monitor

Lenovo announced the launch of a solution that can be very useful for those working with a notebook but require an auxiliary monitor to expand your workspace. In this case the model is the ThinkVision LT1421 which has a laptop LCD screen that works through a USB port on the acer aspire 3680 battery. Lenovo is a company dedicated to computers and the fourth worldwide in computer manufacturing when the company was founded in 1984 based in Hong Kong and currently has revenues estimated at 3,800 million dollars.

Including their modern and contemporary models it introduced its first PC all in one AIO called C300 with a big sell-off for his part in 2010 purchased the NEC to become the company’s largest segment of the Asian market. In terms of storage, the team will have a 1TB hard drive with the ability to change the same type for apple powerbook g4 battery in turn have a 20-inch monitor with the possibility of including a touchscreen interface type. The monitor is adjustable viewing angle and screen has 16 brightness levels for better display of images in different types of environment.

The new product has a concept similar to Toshiba mobile monitor and can be excellent for those working with very little mobility or its current space on the notebook screen. The LT1421 has a screen 14-inch screen with a 16:9 resolution and can operate as an extension of the active work area which allows us to put applications and windows on separate screens for apple macbook pro 17 inch battery. The model also allows use in mirror mode, repeating the work area used in the notebook itself. The monitor has a stand at the back so that it is positioned at the table working perfectly.

Lenovo Monitor LT1421 comes with a protective layer for protection during transport and the company ensures that the product is very portable and can even be used anywhere just for a trip in the middle of the mountain, as promised by the manufacturer. Lenovo does not reveal technical details about the LT1421 but considering that the only thing we will need for the device is a USB connector work will undoubtedly be a very successful product for apple powerbook g4 12 inch battery. Undoubtedly, the monitor uses energy will flow from our notebook battery so the same will be significantly affected so it is advisable to have an outlet nearby.

Meanwhile a few days ago Lenovo introduced its new computer all in one with good resources and excellent value, the model is announced for October. The model in question is the ThinkCentre M71z which will be the ideal workplace for any industrial user and the home, its price will also be in line being worth more than $ 599. Developed to have a very fast start about 15 seconds on the compaq presario cq60 battery gets to have high-performance PC with Intel Core processor family i, and comes with the basic version and a version i5 8GB DDR3 RAM.

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Zoom R8, Portable Recording Studio

Saturday, August 20th, 2011

Zoom R8, Portable Recording Studio

Due to the technology every day the music has taken part and gadgets that offer immense possibilities, formerly the musicians were not well adapted to technology and seemed to have a “help” put aside technological art. Zoom is known to be a acer as07b31 battery that provides solutions to musicians, the same sheep just one digital recording console called the R8 this is a team that works as an audio interface, sampler, controller and of course digital recorder.

Now everything has changed and the musicians and publishers see the technology an important aid which does not change the essence of the true artist. To add the gadget features a drum machine with a drum machine can play ten different rhythms and different sounds. We have eight channels for recording which can be acer aspire 6930 battery , basses and any equipment where the collection can be made sound through the microphone as well as no doubt the voice.

The device has two outputs and two audio inputs, a USB 2.0 and a microSD turn dedicated buttons with unique blends and equalizer. The hardware can communicate with any exclusive recording software such as Sonar, Audacity, ProTools and others known and highly professional audio software. In turn, the console has its own editing program that can be installed directly by the Acer Aspire one D250 battery. The recordings are in WAV format 44.1 kHz and 48 kHz for 16 and 24 bit stereo.

For string instrumentalists digital console can emulate about 24 different amplifiers with 18 guitar and 6 bass. To open further possibilities Zoom offers 146 different effects R8, 370 patches, metronome and tuner. The R8 may be connected to conventional outlets or by apple a1185 battery, size is 25 inches long by 16 centimeters wide. The price is about $ 418, will cost a little high but no doubt that with him we have a true professional digital console.

A practical and inexpensive solution for musicians and producers who are fans of travel to distant places where they can not carry large consoles we all know. For its part for music fans and have a phone with Android operating system IOS or a new application we really attractive. AirPlay lets you hear songs Sonos via apple a1175 battery. Sonos is one of the most revolutionary come to hear music with great sound and has just improved their performance by adding the AirPlay platform.

The application turns the device able to receive and relay data via WiFi to speakers such datos. Previously, the device could only be connected via the USB port making it impossible for the user to walk home with the phone. The update works for both teams have the Android operating system as well as IOS such as apple macbook pro 15 inch battery, iPad 2 among others. Another great new feature that gives Sonos is that smartphones have these operating systems can function as remote control, making it easy to change tracks, volume up, among others.

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Sony S1 y S2 Review

Wednesday, August 17th, 2011

Sony S1 y S2 Review

Sony announces two new tablets with Android mobile operating system and certified by PlayStation. In an event promoted in Japan Sony today introduced two exciting new devices. The Japanese company presented two tablets with Google Android OS 3.0 Honeycomb and certificate of PlayStation as Fujitsu fpcbp155 like the Sony Xperia Play. These two devices are the Sony tablets S1 and S2, the second one has two touchscreens and no doubt the most interesting is its format.

The Sony S1 is focused on consumer entertainment lover that has a 9.4 inch screen and full integration with the network’s own Qriocity Japanese company. In addition the computer has an Nvidia Tegra 2, Quick and Smooth function, front and rear camera. Turn provides us with integration with various devices via infrared from the Fujitsu fpcbp64. What transforms the tablet in a large remote control as seen in movies where millionaires control with this type of equipment.

The second model is the most interesting if the S2 has two 5.5-inch screens each with a resolution of 1024 x 480 pixels in a “clamshell”. It also integrates a camera as seen in official photos. Design-wise it is quite different than we’re used to seeing in a tablet, its completion is really elegant and sophisticated. The Acer BATBL50L6 is opened like the Nintendo DS and has similar processing power to the main market tablets.

Both models are certified PlayStation that allows integration with their respective networks and the possibility of playing games like those found in the first edition of the PlayStation. For the format can bet that the S1 will be focused on consumption Qriocity video network, for Acer TM00741, the S2 seems more enjoyable to play games and in turn have a better flow of sales by its very novel format.

The S2 also has WiFi connectivity, 3G and 4G. The latter is really interesting as it would be a few tablets to have this new sony s2. Compufon turn presents a smartphone that can be transformed into tablet and netbook. The company Kosmaz Technologies is the creator of the brand Compufon which announced a Acer UM08A31 with Android running all the known functions but in turn because accessories can be transformed into a tablet or netbook.

s2 sony, sony s1En images you can see a 10.1-inch screen with 1024 x 768 pixels resolution and touch-type. To operate simply place the device in the back of the Acer UM08A41 and the same will be converted into a tablet. The processor will be a very powerful Tegra Nvidia’s 2 and will have 16GB of flash memory, 4-inch screen with 960 x 640 pixels resolution AMOLED touchscreen display, accelerometer, light sensor and proximity.

The phone will also feature a 5 megapixel camera and can record HD video at 720 x 480 pixels. According to the company’s battery is capable of generating 11 hours to display video without interruption. Trackback: Guide Shopping

Scream 4 For iPhone

Monday, August 15th, 2011

Scream 4 For iPhone

With the return of the Scream series of theaters the film company responsible for The Weinstein Company decided to launch a movie version of the Apple operating system. Companies iPhone game developers or rather for Apple’s mobile operating system IOS every day looking to launch new Dell inspiron 5100 battery and no doubt that these are not the only ones who see this great niche sales.

Scream is one of the most famous horror films over the years and certainly the recent release of version Scream 4 is not an exception. This will generate much profit for the producer and to seize this moment the company does not want to miss one second also release a video game for the mobile world’s most famous. Dell inspiron 1521 battery places us in the role of the villain, the famous ghost face Ghostface or leaving the user the opportunity to stab every teenager played by actors of thirty years.

The murderer is equipped with a knife and is intended to cover the stage without being noticed and kill innocent victims. Within each phase including a North American school action is very interesante. Among our goals we have an athlete, a cheerleader, a nerd among other typical movie. Once we found our Dell Latitude D830 battery begins a sequence of cuts that must be done in a specific order. This is a case that turns your iPhone into an old Leica camera.

In turn these objectives are not still waiting to be killed but any sound or murderer error is noticed that triggers the call to the police which can also be killed, not very educational. Bob Weinstein said the film’s producer “With all the digital platforms we have so many opportunities to expand our Dell 6y270, for example in video game entertainment that provides a high quality and efficient cost.”

The company is also responsible for the rights of such films as Hellraiser, Piranha and Halloween. As you think might be relevant also released versions for IOS. The case is called Leica i9 and be able to offer more than just an interesting design, this would increase the durability of the iPhone and would also have the high performance of a HP 510 battery. In the event that this device, would have a high cost production from 900 to 1,200 dollars.

As shown in the video reminds us of all the film and its music, settings, characters and different types of details. All without showing any of the new movie. The mode of murder is not the typical known in the iPhone which only have to press a button but in this case we must follow certain criteria displayed on the HP 530 battery to achieve this end. For complete information on this very interesting phone, a company presented an interesting and attractive concept.

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Introduction To Nextbook Next5

Thursday, August 11th, 2011

Introduction To Nextbook Next5

The year 2011 remains the year of the tablets, local and international releases will not stop for a second and now we have some example in this case would be compared to the first tablet to own Android operating system and a wireless digital pen. At least this is what Apple a1185 promises to announce the start of sales of Next5 model, in addition to this feature as I name this tablet includes Google’s mobile operating system.

Nextbook The company reports that this will be the first Android tablet that comes with an integrated digital pen called CEF. But that is special about this pen to be so great news. Here we have a pen to connect wirelessly with the tablet allows the user to generate digital content in real time using a Apple a1189 and paper to be very useful when the tablet is not near or also to journalists who do not have your notebook.

If we go a little further with this model has a Next5 seven-inch screen, 2.1 Eclair Android operating system, WiFi connectivity, application manager SlideME, eBook Store, 2 GB of internal storage, memory card slot microSD, 25 preloaded books, photo viewer, MP3 player and speakers built into the model. The price of Apple a1078 Next5 tablet is $ 299.99 and is available for purchase online at the official sales Next5 product.

In turn, the other two new products that are both affordable for first time users in this segment. The two new models with Android are proving that you can have an affordable and interesting features, both models cost between $ 210 and $ 290. One is called Andy Pad and the other is an enhanced version of its name adds the Apple a1079, we both have a screen already common in this area of ​​seven inches. It also provides a great advantage for users who do not fit the virtual keyboard Android operating system displayed on your screen.

Both models are very similar when compared aesthetically but inside the product changes a lot. Thus the model considered has a seven-inch screen, Cortex A8 processor with 1.2 GHz, 512 MB RAM, front camera, resolution of 860 x 480 pixels, 8GB of internal memory, micro USB connection and memory card slot microSD plus a mini Fujitsu lifebook t4010 battery output to send videos up to 1080p resolution for other monitors.

For its part, the more expensive version has a different and higher resolution screen, so we have a resolution of 1024 x 600 pixels, rear camera, Bluetooth connectivity and dual internal memory. Both models operate under the operating system Android Gingerbread. The Fujitsu fpcbp155 will cost $ 210 Andy and the Pro version for $ 290 will launch is already marked for next month. With the digital pen just go to be able to generate, store and transfer your notes, write emails and create designs in digital format.

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Samsung Galaxy Pro Review

Tuesday, August 9th, 2011

Samsung Galaxy Pro Review

In March 2011 Samsung has expanded its proposal devices Galaxy line with four new models that had more modest specs but with the same highly successful concept of the Samsung Galaxy S. One such model is the Samsung Galaxy Pro a Acer UM08A73 that was made at the time but I think it’s time to do a review because there are few developments in the segment of mobile phones nowadays.

Design-wise the Samsung Galaxy Pro is very precise and straight lines, for many this design can be a bit old or ugly mainly against the large universe of mobile phones with full touch screen, but for many these smartphones are perfect for daily work. Thus there is no doubt that the Acer UM08A75 models are a success and have a very large audience. For this model presents a QWERTY keyboard which is very welcomed by a lot of people.

The QWERTY keyboard is a little harder to type than other models of Nokia or BlackBerry while it is only a matter of getting used to it. Besides this the model has a great resemblance to the Motorola model called Charm launched last year and other manufacturers like LG and have been inspired in this format to launch new Acer Aspire one A110 battery solutions with this type of physical keyboards. Either way the Samsung Galaxy Pro offers a great grip for writing texts.

In terms of resources the Samsung Galaxy Pro is undoubtedly great feature your physical QWERTY keyboard that allows you to write more practical and more accurately than the virtual keyboards. Although a bit keys together and with a different layout to normal keyboard after a few days of use is equally comfortable for users with Acer Aspire one A150 battery. Resources account management and data synchronization works perfectly and can be controlled simply by the user.

The four command buttons on the Android operating system may be a little complicated for a first time user. Another of his points in the camera negative is that despite having the same auto focus has a resolution of only 3 megapixels. Although we all know we’re talking about a mobile device aimed at a corporate environment and the Acer Aspire one D150 battery just is not the important point in this kind of mobile phones.

Its performance is also nice because it has a 800 MHz processor and operating system Android 2.2 phone is the Froy. This combination ensures a satisfactory performance for the smartphone with a dynamic performance and almost no errors. The only downside of the Acer Aspire one D250 battery is the low amount of RAM which is 279 MB. Another problem reported by users is in the connections WiFi and GPS, WiFi reception is a bit low compared to competitors with a very weak signal in places where there are some walls that cut the signal.

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