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Archive for July, 2011

Ecowx — A Clock Spy Recording At 720p

Monday, July 11th, 2011

Ecowx — A Clock Spy Recording At 720p

When we were children many times wanted to be secret spies at least for a while? Perhaps the answer is simple and know how many series and movies secret agents have emerged with great success. Perhaps the most famous of the agent 007 James Bond and the best technology combined with action in this case will not have such an action but a high-tech device that allows us to record HD video to 720 pixels.

The device in question is a clock with the ability to shoot video at 720p, the clock ECOWX kit should be part of a perfect spy, this allows us to spy on and record what we are seeing in the most hidden as possible. This sight is a very elegant watch is not your typical video clock that records which note to the league that he is doing. This is one of the models that best disguises its real function especially if the user uses it in a suit and tie.

The manufacturer advises that the clock can capture video in 720p but do not tell us more technical specifications, or do not know if the clock keeps the videos on a microSD memory card or these videos are transferred to your computer. We believe that the watch should be waterproof and can shoot under it. This surely has Bluetooth connection to the computer as known as the manufacturer is known for developing products that function.

ECOWX The clock is available in models for male and female audience, this is not forecast price or availability but it should be released first in Korea and then conquer the world. And speaking of clocks that can be said of technology developed by Tokyoflash watch, this is a clock that tells us when we are “drunk” or have taken too much drink to drive our vehicle. One of the fittings where the designers manage to stimulate your imagination in concept papers are clocks and watches have such integrated with smartphones that run under the Google Android operating system or even same ecological clock.

This was the idea of ​​who wants to make a Tokyoflash watch with an alcohol screening, the company is known for making several interesting concepts and now resolves to innovate again. Thinking of people who have too much when drinking alcohol the company created a concept that works like a clock breathalyzer. This has all the features of a common clock and tell the time, date and alarm functions typical. But what really stands out is that in theory do the reading gets the amount of alcohol in our blood and thus make our level of intoxication.

If we get a lot at night in our car and we always think we are capable of driving even though we have taken this concept too much alcohol is intended precisely to control this major societal problem. Usage is very simple just by blowing into the hole marked this will tell us whether we are able to drive or not. Just press a button and the clock opens a compartment in which we just have to blow like when the police stopped us and in a moment we will display the results of that test. As this is just a concept we know when this watch will be manufactured, this is undoubtedly an interesting concept and could be an interesting security tool.

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Always Waiting For You

Saturday, July 9th, 2011

Always Waiting For You

I’ve never been the one to open up

but you’ve always been the voive within

the only warmth from my cold heart

Let’s start from here, lose the past

change our minds, we don’t need a finish line

let’s take this chance not think too deep

of all those promises

Let’s start from here, lose the past

change our minds

we don’t need a finish line

let’s take this chance not think too deep

of all those promises we couldn’t seem to keep

I don’t care where we go

Let’s start from here

Let’s start from here

Let’s start from here

Let’s start from here

Nano X2 Dual Core Processors

Monday, July 18th, 2011

Nano X2 Dual Core Processors

At a time when virtually only speaks of mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones being that every day millions of models are launched, but after the market peaked and as we have today manufacturers must continue to seek how to attract and materials innovation that Dell inspiron 17 battery is more than important. Available on 1.2 GHz and 1.4 GHz processor uses a manufacturing process in just 40 nm nano combines dual-core 64-bit on the plate.

Therefore the manufacturer VIA announced its new family of dual-core CPUs low power consumption. VIA Nano referred to as E-Series X2, equipment and performance promise an advanced architecture optimized to work with heavier applications in 64-bit x86 environment in dedicated devices such as Dell inspiron 1464 battery. This means that in practice tasks such as opening various applications including those heavy media all at once is performed more smoothly and safety.

Being natively supports 64-bit systems, allows better utilization of operating systems like Windows 7 to deal with large volumes of data quickly. VIA Nano processor ensures that the X2 is fully compatible with operating systems including Windows CE and Linux also allows the upgrade chips from Eden, Eden X2, C7 and Nano E-Series for having the same number of pins. The Dell inspiron 1564 battery should be released in the second half of this year.

As we can see the Nano X2 is not exactly a great processor for desktops but for TVs, digital TV converters and commercial demonstration systems. Thus, the CPU allows applications in virtualized environments to ensure the encryption of data in real time by the Dell inspiron 1570 battery being made to improve the protection of the system. The processor clock is very interesting being the AMD chip in May until the day removing this place Phenom X4 975 II Black Edition.

It can in this way and reach an extreme overclock more than 4.2 GHz. Meanwhile AMD Phenom processor features 980 II X4 Black Edition, the second largest manufacturer of processors for personal computers has just unveiled the newest Phenom processor family II, called AMD Phenom X4 980 II BLACK EDITION. This processor has four cores with a Dell inspiron 1764 battery and 6MB of L3 cache. With an MSRP of $ 195 Phenom X4 980 Black Edition II has a performance slightly below the new Intel.

The processor is undoubtedly optimal for gaming and other entertainment media including high-resolution three-dimensional graphics to be a perfect “husband” video card series Radeon HD6000 ATI marks stamped on AMD graphics cards. It also features HyperTransport technology that allows direct communication between the processor with Dell xps m1530 battery, in addition to EVP Enhanced Virus Protection that blocks the action of certain viruses.

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Two Interesting Gadgets

Tuesday, July 19th, 2011

Two Interesting Gadgets

Following this section we like to write this week is the time of the second part of interesting gadgets, as I discussed in part perhaps the word has moved a bit and now its real definition is referred to arrangements where has some interesting features like Dell inspiron 14 battery. For now we have two very interesting gadgets or devices. The first one I think is the most attractive of all for having a function that would actually be really interesting and certainly very successful.

Apple’s products besides being revolutionaries always inspired many innovative concepts, designers and engineers spend hours to create improvements or changes in company products, accessories built to optimize the user experience with the devices. With this comes the concept of a protective coating for the Dell inspiron 1410 battery, called The Sophie the same in addition to protect our equipment from scratches and bumps also functions as a Polaroid printer, printing the pictures are captured.

We can also make a postcard including a QR Code for an online version of the photo in Flickr, or even a map of where the photo was taken using the device of geolocation iPhone. The concept created by designer Mac Funamizu would be an interesting evolution of Dell inspiron 1425 battery. This is a practical way to print photos to give to our friends and family. The second gadget is called Lookea TV, this is a device that includes radio and television via the Internet.

There is still no provision for the production of this “case”, primarily the designer has to seek permission from the Polaroid company is perhaps the most difficult. There are many devices that are able to access internet radio programs or stations allow us to hear from several different countries with the help of Dell inspiron 1427 battery, meanwhile Lookea TV is the first device that is capable of receiving streaming radio, streaming video and still get have traditional FM radio.

Lookea TV provides access to more than 1,400 TV channels and 3,000 radio stations, including podcasts. All through a WiFi network. By connecting we can separate channels by region, gender, language, keywords, and also keep our favorites. Besides all this we can also use it a Dell inspiron 1470 battery, the device allows to set up two types of alarms at different times and also provides the capability to choose which song we wake or internet radio, FM radio, and more.

TV Lookea also provides viewing video files, images by car and even memory cards SD / MMC. The screen for viewing videos and pictures is 4.3 inches and has a resolution of 480 x 272 pixels. This gadget supports various video formats to AVI, FLV, MKV, WMV. Also audio formats like MP3, AC3, FLAC, WAV, WMA and in turn image formats like JPEG, PNG and GIF. In October last year won millions Lookea TV competitors during the event of Dell Inspiron 14R battery in Hong Kong and won the Gold award 2010 for innovation and technology HKEIA.

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Nokia 700 Zeta Review

Tuesday, July 12th, 2011

Nokia 700 Zeta Review

Nokia for about eight years was a word that only came into the mind of us all as the biggest and best mobile phone manufacturer in the world and the company has had great success with many models and mobile devices. Also the inclusion of large speakers can be an indication that the Dell inspiron 1425 battery is dedicated to users of music, is undoubtedly another great model from Nokia to battle the iPhone’s large market that it has.

Now the company is trying to revive works in product development and launches in the present with hope for a promising future with mobile Windows operating system under the Phone. But this does not prevent the company consider Dell inspiron 1427 battery to be launched for certain consumer groups. It is therefore not at all surprising that rumors of the new Nokia 700 which is called the Zeta.

Little information is known about its specs but from what I can see from the pictures this is a device that has a strange design for the company with an interesting solution for front speakers in the lower front of the device. This design is reminiscent of models from other companies such as Dell inspiron 1470 battery company presenting a sober and simple design, and it seems Nokia is the focus for its future models and new models that we are seeing just that.

According to some rumors of specialized blogs or Zeta Nokia 700 features a 3.2 inch AMOLED display and processor with 1 GHz processor speed is possible is that it works with Symbian OS Belle with more resources and possibilities of running applications but requires more performance from your processor. The Dell Inspiron 14R battery and other features that we see in the pictures seems to have a 3.5 inch touch screen and the typical commands in the equipment case.

In addition to this the rumors are that the new model can rely on and Near Field Communication technology being explored by Nokia not only for payment for products or services through the mobile but also for entertainment purposes. For example in the case of Angry Birds Magic or the new Dell Inspiron 15R battery the company is a small yet powerful speaker that this technology works by NFC.

The Nokia 700 Zeta as we see in pictures should come with a 5 megapixel camera that has been adopted by Nokia for its mid-tier smartphones. We also see a small front camera for video call, the Finnish company is realizing the consumer wants and certainly takes time but I think in two years again Dell Inspiron 17R battery is a leader in the segment. After fierce competition has led to lower sales and get noticeably last year to its worst year in sales of upper-middle-end phones.

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HTC Bliss — Women Mobile

Wednesday, July 13th, 2011

HTC Bliss — Women Mobile


Not every day we can say that a phone is targeted at an audience in particular and even less that a smartphone is targeted at male or female, but decided to launch an Android HTC for this purpose. This mobile is provisionally known as HTC Bliss and will be the first Dell xps m1530 battery powered by Android that focused and satisfactory to the needs of women. It is not known which version of Android is going to include this phone.

HTC Bliss The software has a slightly modified with some extra features to make it more attractive to women. He will have an emerald green hue and have a rubber material for better grip like the HTC Droid Incredible 2. The modifications and extra functions in software rather than HTC Bliss are attractive to women, as for example the Dell vostro 1500 battery has many screensavers or as they are commonly known Wallpapers in order to achieve a better style and glamor.

Most of the other features on the exterior of the device are similar to the current line of HTC with Google Android operating system. The device will have two camera, one front and one rear and it will be almost an inch thinner than the HTC Z Desire thus being 0.92 mm thick. Furthermore the Dell vostro 1400 battery provides such applications that help make purchases and even one that lets you know the calories of a product or even the amount of calories burned through the accelerometer.

Android is largely a male operating system beginning with its appearance and continuing with the features it offers, perhaps a device targeted for female audience may be the beginning of a new market niche for companies. But HTC has not confirmed this information on the Dell latitude d810 battery, but rumors suggest that this should be launched at the end of this year. In turn, the manufacturer also has a tablet type device again, this is the HTC Puccini.

The tablets coming into the world market is already a constant in this 2011 statement, not yet reached the half year and we have seen tablets for all tastes, sizes, prices and technology proposals. Tank the next developments in the sector are at high risk of being already a bit reiterativas. HTC also provides a new Dell latitude d610 battery called HTC Puccini. The tablet with an Italian name has its announcement expected in the coming days and will be the third tablet of HTC to market.

The product’s major feature is support for LTE 4G network AT & T. This is a great difference compared to most but for example the Motorola Xoom also has this same compatibility. Either way the idea of ​​this company is to ensure that the user has the maximum speed for Dell latitude d510 battery. In an overview of the HTC Puccini continues with the same recipe for Apple in its iPhone and has a sober, 10-inch display and a minimum of manual buttons.

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TH40D: New Fujitsu Tablet

Monday, July 4th, 2011

TH40D: New Fujitsu Tablet

With the launch of the iPhone many manufacturers were launching their products to compete with this giant, then they realized that the task would be difficult and let big companies like Motorola and Samsung are facing Apple. For this the rest of the manufacturers are seeking other ways to fight the market, Fujitsu is one who introduces new Dell Studio 17 battery. One of these solutions can be hybrids or tablets netbook hybrid, because in many situations we will need a keyboard to record texts for example.

The product is exclusive and unfortunately the Japanese market and has a sleek and attractive. Its keyboard is in slide format and screen in a diagonal position is comfortable and is perfect when typing large texts. So when the user needs to use the same as tablet should simply slide it to become a Dell Studio 1735 battery. The new hybrid will arrive for the Japanese market shows this concept clearly and distinctly, we are talking about the new Fujitsu tablet TH40D.

On the technical specifications of the product has a Fujitsu LifeBook TH40D Oak Trail Intel processor 1.5 GHz with 1GB of DDR2 RAM, 10.1 inch display with a resolution of 1024 x 600 pixels, 120GB hard drive speed of 4,200 rpm and a Dell Studio 1737 battery with an average range of 6 hours of use. Besides this the hybrid tablet / netbook has WiFi connectivity 802.11 b / g / n, Bluetooth 3.0, two USB 2.0 ports, HDMI output and memory card reader SD.

The Netbook / Fujitsu LifeBook TABLET TH40D reached the Japanese market in July with a price of approximately $ 990. If you are looking for a tablet the “fashionable” but did not feel comfortable using the touchpad that all we have to enter this world with this exciting Compaq HP 6510b battery that I have personally seen it seems most appropriate for your system which slide is very comfortable for typing. This product weighs only 1 kilogram being a light weight for such devices.

Turn to classical tablets users the company presents the Fujitsu Stylistic model, this is a 10-inch tablet with Windows 7. At the CeBIT, the leading trade show for technology products in Europe is happening this year in Germany were presented new Compaq HP 6710b battery for the market in the coming months. One manufacturer is present in it who presents the model Fujitsu Stylistic Q550, the company’s tablet has Intel processor Oak Trail.

The year 2010 began the birth of a product in 2011 is promoted every day and are the tablets and the company now presents the new Stylistic model called Q550, this is a tablet that offers several configuration options in several price bands. To begin the Compaq HP 6715b battery is used to select storage units 30 or 62 GB disk type SSD, besides being able to choose between the operating system Windows 7 at its Professional or Home Premium versions.

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HP Mobile Mouse: The World’s First Wireless Mouse

Tuesday, July 5th, 2011

HP Mobile Mouse: The World’s First Wireless Mouse

Hewlett Packard misses any connectivity technology such common peripheral devices such as USB and Bluetooth in this way presents the first mouse connected via WiFi. Day by day computers have fewer ports for connecting external devices, so for example the new Dell Studio 1737 battery only has two USB ports but do not really need them, since everything is connected via Bluetooth, such as the Magic Mouse external keyboard or wireless.

Now, thanks to Hewlett Packard are not going to require more USB ports as it presents the first mouse connected via WiFi, and through that probably little by little we will see many devices already connected by this development. The model in question is the Compaq HP 6510b battery, and this is the first of its class in not having cable and connect via WiFi connectivity, so this may be connected to your notebook computer without problems.

According to Hewlett Packard’s results are more efficient because we will not require any additional peripherals such as wireless USB mouse typical. The battery life is also one of its advantages as the Mobile Mouse can function up to 9 months of continuous use. The Compaq HP 6710b battery has five buttons that can be easily customized, one of them is the common navigation wheel which operates in four directions. The device can operate at a distance of 10 meters.

The HP Mobile Mouse Wi-Fi will be sold starting in June by the attractive price of $ 49.99, there is still no estimate on the release of peripheral but is probably in the second half of the year. Hewlett Packard in turn presents an ultra-thin LCD, LCD monitors are finer and better optimizations. Hewlett Packard recently announced the launch of the Compaq HP 6715b battery that besides being very thin design has a very interesting and certainly the envy of many competitors.

No doubt this news that Hewlett Packard does not explain what its function may bring a major shift to mobile devices, peripherals and other types of electronic equipment. Because this way if there is a possibility of this type of connection may be fewer and fewer wires so that it brings. HP is a company that always brings Compaq HP 6720s battery and is probably the beginning of a hegemony of the company in this type of technology.

The monitor is 21.5 inches and just 0.4 inches wide, this seems a critical weakness of the product but the developers claim and ensure greater reliability in this. From one side we have an auxiliary audio output and an input for Dell vostro 2510 battery. Hewlett Packard emphasizes the contrast of 5000:1, 25 nits of brightness and full HD 1080p display. It is also interesting to note the ease of movement of the device as being very thin and lightweight allows for easy portability.

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HTC Pucini: New Tablet With Android

Wednesday, July 6th, 2011

HTC Pucini: New Tablet With Android


Almost every day a new tablet with Android operating system is introduced in the market. Not only large companies but small are taking advantage of the time of the tablets and market and maximize sales. With the latter there are tablets for everyone, so we have various sizes and different types of Dell latitude d810 battery, thus it is almost impossible not to find a model that we like. It looks like this would be the major new business model Motorola.

Meanwhile many of them ultimately end up being more tablet of the same with some small details of difference, apart from that HTC is planning to launch a new and different model to its line. So company representatives said, “let’s show the world where a good Dell vostro 1310 battery and advanced technology can go.” Surely in a few weeks finally know the new line of equipment and hardware and thus know that prices will have.

Everything indicates that the company will introduce new devices, although most expected would be the HTC Pucini tablet, according to rumors the device will work under the new Google Android OS 3.1 Honeycomb, if everything goes as expected this will be the second tablet company after Dell vostro 1510 battery, but Pucini be the first of the two to have as Honeycomb operating system, a system devoted exclusively to such devices.

If the rumors are correct Pucini HTC will come with a dual core processor, front camera for video calls and a 10-inch screen, besides being compatible with the LTE 4G network operator AT & T. Meanwhile if there is an international version of the same would not have Dell vostro 1520 battery. The company did not report details on when and whether it will be at your next event in London or not, but that the company creates a thriller and raises expectations for the new devices.

HTC is one of the manufacturers of mobile devices has adapted better to the “new world” and the company launched many mobile devices, and all without a mobile operating system itself. Thus the company has used its best Android, Windows Phone as a Dell vostro 1710 battery then and now use Android Honeycomb at its best, all showing that it is undoubtedly a company that looks at the market and its consumers.

For its part, Verizon telephone company shows a very mysterious tablet which may be the new Motorola Xoom 2. While in most countries, the Motorola Android tablet new is coming with the new Android operating system version 3.1 Honeycomb and begins to leak some rumors about the new version of Dell xps m1530 battery. It would be an updated version of the tablet and named as Xoom 2, the information on a new tablet are stronger after learning the video advertising format for the telephone company.

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Daily Growing

Saturday, July 2nd, 2011

Daily Growing

The trees they grow high, the leaves they do grow green

Many is the time my true love I’ve seen

Many an hour I have watched him all alone

He’s young but he’s daily growing
Father, dear father, you’ve done me great wrong

You have married me to a boy who is too young

I am twice twelve and he is but fourteen

He’s young but he’s daily growing
Daughter, dear daughter, I’ve done you no wrong

I have married you to a great lord’s son

He will be a man for you when I am dead and gone

He’s young but he’s daily growing

Father, dear father, if you see fit

We’ll send him to college for another year yet

I’ll tie a blue ribbon all around his head

To let the maidens know that he is married

One day I was looking over my father’s castle wall

I spied all the boys playing with a ball

And my own true love was the flower of them all

He’s young but he’s daily growing

And so early in the morning at the dawning of the day

They went into a hayfield to have some sport and play

And what they did there she never would declare

But she never more complained of his growing

At the age of fourteen he was a married man

At the age of fifteen the father of my son

At the age of sixteen his grave it was green

And death had put an end to his growing

I’ll buy my love some flannel, I’ll make my love a shroud

With every stitch I put in it, the tears they will pour down

With every stitch I put in it, how the tears they will flow

Cruel fate has put an end to his growing