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Archive for June, 2011

Nothing’s Gonna Change My Love For You

Monday, June 13th, 2011

Nothing’s Gonna Change My Love For You

if I had to live my life without Compaq presario v3000 battery near me

the days would all be empty

the nights would seem so long

you I see forever oh so clearly

I might have been in love before

but i’ve never felt this strong

our dreams are young and we both know

they take Compaq presario v6000 battery where we want to go

hold me now

touch me now

I don’t want to live without you

nothing’s gonna change my love for you

you oughta know by now how much i love you

one thing you can be sure of

I never ask for Dell latitude x300 battery than your love

nothing’s gonna change my love for you

you oughta know by now how much i love you

the world may change my whole life through

but nothing’s gonna change my love for you

if the road ahead is not so easy

our love will lead the way for us

like a Dell inspiron e1505 battery

i’ll be there for you if you should need me

you don’t have to change a thing

I love you just the way you are

so come with me and share the view

I help you see forever too

hold me now

touch Sony vgp-bps2a now

I don’t want to live without you

Wi-Drive: External Disk iPad

Tuesday, June 14th, 2011

Wi-Drive: External Disk iPad


All hard drives continue the rule of recording data such as photos and videos no matter the size. Who makes a hard disk upgrade space knows that the data will be downloaded from the internet to complete and who bought an iPhone or iPad knows that the memory space is small compared with that of a Compaq HP 6715b battery, but now has a Kingston external hard drive that provides more space for mobile devices, this is called Wi-Drive.

The Wi-Drive is a wireless external hard drive where the user of an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch can store your downloaded applications from the App Store of Apple and not take up space on your device. To use it you must download the free application. As wireless external hard disk allows up to Compaq HP 6720s battery to connect simultaneously to share information. Also the capacity is rather small since the models are 16GB and 32GB.

Currently, many external drives have a capacity greater than 500GB so who like to download lots of content may be quickly exhausted it. The product has to compete with Satellite GoFlex its direct competitor Seagate whose focus are also users of mobile devices from Apple. The price of Dell vostro 2510 battery is a bit high compared to traditional external drives. This leaves $ 130 for the 16GB model and $ 170 for the 32GB model. The forecast for launch is scheduled for this month.

Undoubtedly, this type of external drive is a great advantage to this type of devices that do not have the ability to place external microSD cards, turn the new external drive Wi-Drive Kingston is the type SSD. This Fujitsu lifebook p7120 battery is solid format which have greater speed and stability when transferring data. In these simple steps to connect the iPad enough only in the USB port and the device will load normally.

Another major departure for Apple’s tablet is the activation of the battery recharge via USB on PC, being a much larger equipment than the iPhone or iPod Touch, the iPad has larger batteries that require more energy to complete loading batteries. On account of this Compaq HP nc6400 battery just released the iPad recharge via USB on your Mac, where the company is certain that the USB ports have enough energy to power the device.

The result of this decision ended up hurting the PC computer users who only have the option of charging by power, all because of the low load USB inputs are in conventional computers. Faced with such a controversial Apple, Asus will not stay away and created a Compaq presario v3000 battery to the problem, the Aicharger. This is an application that recognizes when the IPAD is connected and change the USB port power getting 50% speed up the loading speed.

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Corsair 240GB SSD

Monday, June 20th, 2011

Corsair 240GB SSD


Consumers of technology are still knowing all the real advantages of the new SSDs. Greater stability and security of data, more compact models and especially better performance in implementing the operating system and programs with high consumption of Compaq presario v3000 battery. For example personally perform the test with a SSD and a hard drive and common conclusion surprised me greatly.

While common hard disk requires at least 15 seconds to open Photoshop CS5 with a 160GB SSD this image editing program just made it in 3 seconds, something really spectacular. And not only this but any action with the SSD is almost instantaneous whereas with the Compaq presario v6000 battery always requires a few seconds. Proof of this is the new ad Corsair introduces new SSD devices with more storage options and prices.

These SSDs are solid disks with flash memory type, the acronym stands for “SOLID STATE DRIVE” and no doubt little are revolutionizing the field of technology. But these advantages undoubtedly that bring back a high cost and low capacity as well but slowly this is beginning to change with Dell latitude x300 battery and prices a little more accessible. The company announced the availability of a new family of SSDs called Force Series 3.

According to these new products feature Corsair’s higher performance version of the latest generation of processors for SSD devices, called SandForce SF-2281. This technology allows the drives to read and write files with the amazing speed of 550 MB per second and 520 MB per second. For lovers of Dell inspiron e1505 battery and users who require an operating system that works seamlessly unity can be no doubt a necessary item and the results promise to be the best in their characteristics.

A turn for fans of external drives here is a record of the kind presented by the company Transcend. But that this would be the two new technologies in this field such as SSDs with USB 3.0 ports? Undoubtedly we would have to Ferrari fastest external drives. Model No question is SSD18C3 Transcend, Sony vgp-bps2a is a 1.8-inch drive that has an appearance that resembles a portable hard disk case, your body is composed of a silicone resilient to shocks, black color in a sober and some details in yellow.

Another great advantage of this SSD Transcend company is the One Touch button that performs a backup of the files instantly through a company’s own software that accompanies the product. Remembering that this type of unit not only provides mobility to always accurate data but can also leave Sony vgp-bps2c safer and synchronized products for greater productivity. The notebook SSD Transcend SSD18C3 compatible with USB 3.0.

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New Line Of Mouse BlueEye Traveler 9000

Wednesday, June 15th, 2011

New Line Of Mouse BlueEye Traveler 9000

Genius has just announced a product over its wireless line or wireless, this time with a mouse, Traveler BlueEye 9000. The new wireless mouse line should reach the United States and Canada in five different colors. Genius also thought about the ergonomics of the mouse for all kinds of people so Fujitsu lifebook t4010 battery was especially designed to work with as well as left-handed users. A AAA battery is needed for the 9000 Traveler BlueEye works, when it is released will cost $ 29.90.

This type of mouse no doubt that since its first version was not thinking of video games released, it is suited for those who use the computer for a long time to work and travel from there turn your name “Traveler.” The Traveler 900 is more than enough for anyone who wants a nice Dell Latitude E5400 battery, as it has an answer in its 1200 dpi optical sensor. Besides this it comes with BlueEye technology that allows work on virtually any surface including marble and glass.

If we test a device of its kind in the old line that did not have Genius BlueEye this technology could undoubtedly note that the product was not working in glass for example and without doubt this is an extra point of the model. We can connect the mouse via a Dell Latitude E5500 battery that is plugged into the USB port but this is so small that it is not necessary to remove it by moving the team and not run any risk of being broken.

On the other hand if we are looking for a device of this type for games without doubt that the Logitech G400 is a great choice and a very affordable cost. Logitech put a substitute for your best gaming mouse the MX518 market, the company is replacing the classic for the new model called Dell Latitude E6400 battery which is part of the new line of products for Logitech G-series. Logitech claims the G400 is expected to begin sales in stores in mid-July with a very affordable price of $ 49.99.

This is a mouse that has a good format, very nice especially when it comes to games that require high precision such as the more FPSs, so the company created the G400 with 3600 DPI. The G400 is very sensitive, the mouse itself has a rate of up to a thousand movements per second, although no doubt that more than anyone can move Dell Latitude E6500 battery at this speed it is good to know his great ability.

Incredibly g400Por logitech model is not wireless, then it requires a USB cable that is 25% lighter than we’re used to this ease of movement when playing a game and requires great skill. The weight of the cable along with it so the mouse has better response times were the points why Dell Latitude E4300 battery chose to use USB technology, so after playing it seems that the mouse was wireless because it shows the drag n USB cable.

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Bresson HTC Windows Phone 7.5

Thursday, June 16th, 2011

Bresson HTC Windows Phone 7.5


And rumors continue in the exciting world of smartphones, now a new model of one of the largest manufacturers set by the network. Samsung, Motorola and HTC seems to be the new manufacturers in 2011, since all three are focusing on presenting powerful Dell Latitude E4300 battery such as the public upon request. The model is the future launch of the North American telephone carrier AT & T and get ready to impress the most demanding users.

Devices over a T-Mobile is taking its first steps in commercial and mobile sites around the world, in this case is another HTC device but in this case does not come with the Google Android operating system, operating system now being filed would be the new version of Windows Phone 7, which will be referred to as Dell GD761 and will bring according to its creators plenty of new features.

This device follows the minimalist lines of the company with almost no physical button and plenty of space for display. The most striking addition to its new operating system is the large 16-megapixel camera that would bring this model. To assist it would have a small Dell latitude d520 battery that does the work of a xenon flash but it helps in many ways. Furthermore, the model would be coupled to a video camcorder high definition 1080p.

Besides all the power that this model will provide the new operating system would be a version of Windows Phone 7 called “Mango” but in point 7.5 will be the new bid from Microsoft in the environment of mobile devices. We will from now on HTC models with Dell latitude d810 battery? I really believe that after the announcement of HTC Nokia if you choose this same system will lose many customers who have won then opt for Android in most of their phones.

At the same time after the launch of Infuse 4G and the recent announcement of Motorola Droid X2 new information suggest a new model with more than interesting configurations, this is the HTC Holiday. The HTC Holiday at first glance offers a Dell vostro 1310 battery with a resolution of 540 x 960 QHD pixels. With this screen the user will have a comfortable workspace on the device plus a greater comfort when viewing multimedia content such as videos on the smartphone.

The operating system will be the Android HTC Holiday Gingerbread 2.3.4 and the model appears as an option that will compete directly with other models of HTC devices and in other operations such as Dell vostro 1510 battery or the HTC Sprint 4G Sensation T-Mobile. An important detail is that the time has not mentioned any HTC Holiday compatibility with LTE 4G data networks, but surely this resource will be added in the model before its official announcement.

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PlayStation 4 Is Very Close!

Thursday, June 9th, 2011

PlayStation 4 Is Very Close!

Despite constant claims that this generation of games will be longer or it will be more on the market than their predecessors everything seems to indicate that Sony does not want to let their competitors pass him over. This occurred as Dell Latitude E4300 battery questioned the steady increase in the area of ​​Research & Development or in the field of research and development to which the executive vice president responded by explaining that these increases came from thinking about the production costs of a new console.

But lately it has been leaked that Sony would already working on the upcoming PlayStation 4 entertainment platform. The statement is perhaps escaped without many pretensions or imagining the proportion that would take Dell GD761, everything was from Masaru Kato Sony executive vice president and chief financial desk confirmed during a meeting with investors in the company they would already be working on its future platform.

When we say that this generation will be longer for example to say that the PlayStation 1 was released in 1994 after six years was released on PlayStation 2 in 2000 and finally the third version was released in 2006 in Japan, this clearly mark a possible fourth generation of Dell latitude d520 battery would be launched in 2012 but Sony got bored commenting that it would not. To be a home computer the PlayStation 3 still has lots of life but this is a platform business.

Initially Sony wanted the PlayStation 3 had a cycle of ten years in the market, but usually the younger generation begins when a company decides to start brand other then all have to see to the side to see when and where the long moment next Dell latitude d810 battery will not be late to market. Well known that Nintendo Wii can launch their next 2, Microsoft could also launch a new version of the Xbox 360 then no doubt the Sony company can not let everything go down the sides.

Nintendo already confirmed will be presented during the event E3 Electronic Entertainment Expo 2011 in this month the new version of Wii then surely Sony will not miss much and I think the strategy of presenting a new generation every six years is not going to cut and no doubts in 2012 we have the new Dell vostro 1310 battery. But we can expect from the new Sony console? Rumors about the new Sony PlayStation 4 console are millions but some sound and very strong and seem to be the real reason for the new version.

The first innovation that would work with many things in the cloud, and thanks to a style of Apple icloud could watch movies, series and play games through some kind of subscription. A new design would be another point but a simple change as is common, but we’d have a big change with new Dell vostro 1510 battery and different touch to turn the console commands simple and friendly. The third point would undoubtedly be better in the graphics power.

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Dell XPS 15z Review

Friday, June 10th, 2011

Dell XPS 15z Review

The big challenge for manufacturers of notebooks to present attractive proposals with an appropriate cost and few really achieve it and that is just say almost none because lately manufacturers focus only on devices such as tablets and smartphones. So then the launch of Apple’s MacBook Air today to perhaps two models of Dell Studio 1537 battery may be placed face to face and try to win the battle. The model is available for purchase in Australia, Hong Kong, Japan, Malaysia and Taiwan.

The Apple product even though its price is a bit high Worldwide provides consumers with optimum performance combined with modern design and highly refined lines. A new model that can actually submit their weapons to the Apple model is the new Dell Studio 17 battery. In this way, very strangely Dell never officially announced perhaps the point that we mentioned before is that the company never stops working and you know that this is their forte.

Dell one of the largest global manufacturers of computers and notebooks in particular is perhaps one of the few manufacturers who know they want, without a doubt even though Dell has a tablet and they know that their market is and why computers work 100% on these Dell Studio 1735 battery. In any case in modern times, thousands of models displayed and is once Dell gets to have a model with great transport and aesthetic beauty.

For the XPS measurements the 15z is considered the notebook 15-inch display world’s thinnest with just 0.97 inches thick and weighing approximately 2.49 kilograms. Its design is very similar to the MacBook Pro with a black tone and keyboard backlight. Dell Studio 1737 battery works with dual-core processors Core i7 i5 and has a screen resolution of 1080, also has a 750GB hard drive to work at 7,200 revolutions per minute as to have a graphics card.

Despite Dell XPS 15z consider the 15-inch notebook thinnest worth remembering that in 2008 Apple MacBook Pro posted its final dimensions of 0.95 inches using the same screen size. Another point that no doubt is based on Apple product are LED lights that make the state side of the Compaq HP 6510b battery. Taking into account the processor and its options, the price is relatively low. In the U.S. the official price of the Dell XPS 15z is $ 999.

At the same time another model that continues the trend of teams “fine” is presented by MSI and featuring AMD Fusion. The product was named X370 ultra-slim. He himself has perhaps the great power of the X370 with Intel i5 but provides more advantages in battery life. The Compaq HP 6710b battery is a very fine addition has interesting features for those who want to travel with him and that it weighs 1.4 kilograms and has a less than an inch thick with an impressive battery 10 hours.

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IoSafe: External Hard Bullet Resistant

Tuesday, June 28th, 2011

IoSafe: External Hard Bullet Resistant

Safety is more than important day after day but not only our own security but that of our personal and business data. Who is working with crucial data such as documents on sales of our company, personal information, medical records or bank accounts now a Dell Latitude E5500 battery manufacturers believe ioSafe which carries the idea of ​​personal security far beyond expectations. This company creates a hard drive resistant to bullets.

Who has seen the damage a bullet can be made from materials such as metal, wood, plastic, know that no one’s mind would make a shot against their own external hard drive which contains your most important information, but now Dell Latitude E6400 battery can be performed. The name of this new device is the ioSafe’s Rugged Portable drive. Besides being a kind of superman from external drives, the device supports immersion in water and fire.

Undoubtedly, this is a great option for those who are careful with their electronic devices, the device only draws our attention for its effectiveness in security “physics” but in terms of its characteristics have a disk 7,200 revolutions per minute and a USB 3.0 connection type so the Dell Latitude E6500 battery will be extremely fast. Other big difference is size and weight as due to have a special armor that is larger and a higher weight.

Thus we can expect rain, hurricanes, earthquakes or the same end of the world that our data will always be more than protected, the ioSafe’s Rugged Portable drive will cost $ 290. Among its most impressive features we support up to 5,000 pounds of pressure against blows or falls, in terms of immersion the Dell Latitude E4300 battery can withstand 30 minutes under water for 3 days. In the box the product gives us the ioSafe Rugged Portable + DRS, USB 3.0 cable.

In terms of design have a simple format, sober and very elegant with polished aluminum finish and the material that gives the high hardness and extreme resistance that is titanium. In the design we have a simple format with few connections or rather only two. The device requires a Dell GD761 for example Intel Pentium II 350 MHz or a Mac G3 or higher, turn any of them type connections must have USB 3.0 and USB 2.0 to transfer data.

Undoubtedly, this external hard drive has an extra feature that can be ordered with type SSD disks in capacities of 256GB and 512GB. As for the price we have a change or rather a great deal of recent days can now purchase the Dell latitude d520 battery for U.S. $ 149.99 250GB capacity with one year warranty. If we want to increase if we can do to 500GB capacity for a further $ 62.5 750GB for $ 150 more and a maximum capacity of 1TB for $ 250 extra.

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Intel Makers Mimic The Philosophy Of The MacBook Air

Tuesday, June 7th, 2011

Intel Makers Mimic The Philosophy Of The MacBook Air

Intel Makers Mimic The Philosophy Of The MacBook Air

It’s a double standard that show, because later they have no qualms about copying the best ideas that develop Cupertino. Proof of this is what is happening and will happen in the market for portable laptops. Just a few months HP pavilion dv5t battery surprised the new laptop users who drank the same water that the tablets: thin, lightweight, self-starter and quick access to information through SSD storage.

But the small world of Windows is limited to mention that it’s better to buy a notebook for high performance. Thankfully, they always end up recognizing without saying that Apple has done it again. And “without saying” because you only have to look to see future innovations that HP pavilion dv6 battery that had the right. About this just going to take two examples: the statements of executive vice president of Intel yesterday at Computex Taipei and the presentation of Asus UX21.

First, focusing on the Intel executive has mentioned that his company is researching and developing new technologies to reduce the weight and thickness of laptops. They have even coined a new term, Ultrabook that refers to a thin and light notebook that borrows the HP pavilion dv6000 battery of the tablets as your start immediately or portability. His commitment in this regard focuses on the development of the new generation of processors called Ivy Bridge.

Ivy Bridge will integrate three-dimensional transistors significantly reduce the size of the chips. This technology would come in 2012 but while improvements are occurring in the current hardware. Through this HP pavilion dv6500 battery Intel expects to have soon in the portable market to reach about $ 1,000 to these benefits, which would fall to $ 600 in a couple of years. But we also wanted to talk about the Asus UX21.

Asus was invited by Intel at this conference to discuss his own experience in implementing these new principles set forth by Intel. The result is called UX21 and Asus is a notebook that will surely remind us of the HP pavilion dv8000 battery. We just need a few seconds to view the next video recorded by the folks at Engadget to prove it. The copy is very clear, form and philosophy match your Apple MacBook Air.

And while not as thin as the MacBook Air but smaller than the Apple family of power with a 1.7 GHz Core i5 to be seen how the battery behaves like a power. One thing is clear, if laptop makers now begin to imitate the style HP pavilion dv9000 battery is that Apple has responded to the demands and needs of mobile users. This reinforces the idea that the smell of Apple technology is in great shape and that the future is full of portable MacBooks Air.

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Alcatel 808: A Glamorous Mobile

Wednesday, June 8th, 2011

Alcatel 808: A Glamorous Mobile


Made to be shown this is the base model of Alcatel OT-808 which is made for women who love the glamor and to show her friends. The company is one of those devoted lately to launch foreign models or developed with a different design. Below we see a Acer laptop battery well done, nice and good finishing. The keys are so small compared to the mobile which makes the action of typing text messages very comfortable on the device.

In this case we say that we have seldom seen such a design and say if it is beautiful or not is simply a matter of personal taste, to me it does not particularly appeal to me at all because no comfort which I think should having a phone. The closed-type design and many nice, this is a square with a Sony laptop battery that displays time, network data and some other resources. The ending of it is bright with rounded edges that simulate the device resembles a woman’s makeup accessories.

When we opened the phone no doubt find that they have a great smartphone because the visual of the inside without a doubt that we will disappoint. Alcatel gives the impression that he used all his design studio on the outside and forget the ThinkPad T410 battery. The mobile system where the bends without doubt I think is a big mistake as this could have been replaced by a slider that gives a better appearance to the team.

One downside of the device is the outer covering of the device which is not entirely correct because it is very likely to find many scratches on this type of material, for that we will have to find a particular case thanks to a little square-shaped device. Now we discuss the performance of ThinkPad T510 battery, despite being very similar and have a full keyboard like a BlackBerry that does not pretend to be a smartphone device on the contrary this is a typical mobile phone.

To access the device has Internet clients for Twitter and Facebook, and thanks to Opera Mini browser can all network with much comfort. The only problem is that this can not access Internet via 3G or WiFi, then all these resources are very slow and expensive. The ThinkPad SL410 battery and camcorder are not the best known pictures are actually very poor when compared with any camera phones today.

As the device performance involves more than good time to be a simple phone, the phone gives a strange feeling the first day of use but that’s like any new device that presents a new design. In general data over the phone by not having a great ThinkPad sl510 battery and have the latest resources available on phones like the iPhone or the Samsung Galaxy is undoubtedly focused on a specific audience of women who simply want a simple mobile phone, nice and core resources.

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