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Samsung HMX-U10 Review

Thursday, June 30th, 2011

Samsung HMX-U10 Review

The compact camcorders developed to be carried in the pocket are ideas for users seeking portability and are always ready at any time to capture an image so unexpected in high quality recording. The Samsung HMX-U10 is one of the first Dell vostro 1520 battery to launch almost in unison for the international market, this is ultra-compact and shoots in Full HD resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels in addition to shooting at 10 megapixels.

In its design we have a really thin and lightweight camera with dimensions of 5.6 x 10 x 1.5 cm and weighing 105 grams, the Samsung HMX-U10 was conceived to fit perfectly in just one hand and the position of backward curved lens supports the act of filming with no problems. Developed with a Dell vostro 1710 battery with rounded edges and gray finish the camcorder looks very simple and enjoyable. The screen is 2 inches is small but within the normal size of such video cameras.

Samsung HMX-U10 comes with resources that can be used both for film to capture pictures, such as automatic scene modes, sports, beach and snow. An interesting resource is the Back Light function that replaces the lack of flash in order to leave the lens more sensitive to Dell xps m1530 battery. The Intelli-Studio software allows the user after the recording of the videos send them to YouTube and photos to Flickr. With regard to films can also make a small edit before sharing them.

Testing the quality of the videos taken are great, but have some kind of noise in low lighting situations. In return but has a limited range the sound is very good especially if we speak of a portable camcorder. The videos are in MP4 format generated under the H.264 compression standard and a rate of 30 frames per second. As for your Dell Studio 15 battery, it is not the best known but performs well and lasts 80 minutes.

As for the quality of the photographs to believe to be nothing spectacular is not to dismiss anything because it works with a resolution of 10 megapixels, turn the camera has no flash nor optical zoom and image stabilization. The Samsung HMX-U10 has no internal memory also comes with memory card. In this way to start using the Dell Studio 1535 battery the user must purchase a memory card, something that I think really has no sense since memory cards today with capacities of 8GB eg no great cost and less Samsung.

In terms of its physical panel is very sober and has only three buttons that allow us to higher or film, take pictures and view the contents. Then we have more buttons that simulate touch but they are with the various functions of the camcorder. Undoubtedly, the Samsung HMX-U10 camcorder has several advantages such as Dell Studio 1536 battery, ultra compact photo cameras with high resolution of 10 megapixels.

Display: 2 inches
Video Resolution: Full HD 1920 x 1080 pixels
Camera resolution: 10 megapixels
USB: 2.0
Weight: 105 grams
Dimensions: 5.6 x 10 x 1.5 cm
Internal Memory: No

840 Mitsubishi DLP 92-Inch 3D

Wednesday, June 29th, 2011

840 Mitsubishi DLP 92-Inch 3D

Whenever we talk about television image and the main rule for consumers is: the higher the better!. If we have a large room for movies and our favorite sports is always advisable to take advantage of a TV all the richness of image detail offered. But perhaps we will need a really big house with generous room dimensions to encompass the new Dell Latitude E6500 battery presented by the Japanese company Mitsubishi. The new brand is the Mitsubishi 840 DLP, a 92-inch 3D TV that is well adapted to the price.

The latest release of the Japanese company is the 3D TV DLP Home Cinema 840 which has no less than 92 inch screen, the TV has a resolution of 1080, being the perfect TV for display of content on Blu-ray and DVD. This can get great results with the latest generation video games like Dell Latitude E4300 battery. But the highlight of the model Mitsubishi DLP Home Cinema 840 is its price, which is much cheaper than we can all imagine for a TV of this type.

92-inch model was first seen in the last CES in January and can be found in more modest versions of sizes 72 and 83 inches for those who have no such space in their homes. But this does not stop Mitsubishi projects a bright future for new Dell GD761. According to Frank DeMartin vice president sales of the company, “The consumer today wants to create more space in their homes with home cinema room with large screens and powerful sound.”

But speaking of the price factor of three-dimensional TV Mitsubishi DLP Home Cinema 840 costs the equivalent of $ 5,999 in Japan, perhaps for many the price is high and never spend this value on a TV but if we think in models of their competitors for example we have Dell latitude d520 battery or screens to $ 22,000 103-inch plasma at $ 30,000. Seeing that the option offered by Mitsubishi is much cheaper and continues with the recent philosophy of the company.

In turn, the company launched Vizio yesterday its new models for the second half of 2011 including the first model with the resources of Google TV. Starting with the XVT 6 series with options from 47 to 55 inches that run on Android 3.1 platform adapted for TV services in addition to the resource VIA Plus. The new TVs with Dell latitude d810 battery have screens of LCD display and a rate of 480 Hz image, support for Bluetooth connectivity and control via touchpad.

But the great novelty or strength of the company are the models that have the services of Google TV, Razor Cinemawide XVT models that offer viewers a film image to the movies run on DVD and Blu-ray, and possessing 21:9 display format. The Dell vostro 1310 battery is available in both 50 and 58 inches at a rate of 120 Hz and intelligent LED backlight system for better power consumption. No doubt many more interesting models to transform our living room into a real movie theater.

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IoSafe: External Hard Bullet Resistant

Tuesday, June 28th, 2011

IoSafe: External Hard Bullet Resistant

Safety is more than important day after day but not only our own security but that of our personal and business data. Who is working with crucial data such as documents on sales of our company, personal information, medical records or bank accounts now a Dell Latitude E5500 battery manufacturers believe ioSafe which carries the idea of ​​personal security far beyond expectations. This company creates a hard drive resistant to bullets.

Who has seen the damage a bullet can be made from materials such as metal, wood, plastic, know that no one’s mind would make a shot against their own external hard drive which contains your most important information, but now Dell Latitude E6400 battery can be performed. The name of this new device is the ioSafe’s Rugged Portable drive. Besides being a kind of superman from external drives, the device supports immersion in water and fire.

Undoubtedly, this is a great option for those who are careful with their electronic devices, the device only draws our attention for its effectiveness in security “physics” but in terms of its characteristics have a disk 7,200 revolutions per minute and a USB 3.0 connection type so the Dell Latitude E6500 battery will be extremely fast. Other big difference is size and weight as due to have a special armor that is larger and a higher weight.

Thus we can expect rain, hurricanes, earthquakes or the same end of the world that our data will always be more than protected, the ioSafe’s Rugged Portable drive will cost $ 290. Among its most impressive features we support up to 5,000 pounds of pressure against blows or falls, in terms of immersion the Dell Latitude E4300 battery can withstand 30 minutes under water for 3 days. In the box the product gives us the ioSafe Rugged Portable + DRS, USB 3.0 cable.

In terms of design have a simple format, sober and very elegant with polished aluminum finish and the material that gives the high hardness and extreme resistance that is titanium. In the design we have a simple format with few connections or rather only two. The device requires a Dell GD761 for example Intel Pentium II 350 MHz or a Mac G3 or higher, turn any of them type connections must have USB 3.0 and USB 2.0 to transfer data.

Undoubtedly, this external hard drive has an extra feature that can be ordered with type SSD disks in capacities of 256GB and 512GB. As for the price we have a change or rather a great deal of recent days can now purchase the Dell latitude d520 battery for U.S. $ 149.99 250GB capacity with one year warranty. If we want to increase if we can do to 500GB capacity for a further $ 62.5 750GB for $ 150 more and a maximum capacity of 1TB for $ 250 extra.

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Netbook With Solar Panels

Monday, June 27th, 2011

Netbook With Solar Panels

Samsung launches a netbook with integrated solar panels, the South Korean company announced it will launch a netbook that solar-powered, Samsung will introduce in August NC215S model. This is the first netbook with this technology in the world, the solar panel was placed in front of the device making Compaq HP 6710b battery easier to capture. The netbook’s battery also undoubtedly much surprise as this has a range estimated at 14.5 hours with the display on.

Probably due to being a netbook all think this is possible because these devices are not very powerful and can run by solar energy, but in this case Samsung surprises us and gives us more interesting features in their hardware. The computer weighs 1.3 pounds and operates with Compaq HP 6715b battery. Inside we have a N570 Atom processor 1.6 GHz Intel dual core, 1 GB RAM, 250GB hard drive and a screen resolution of 1024 x 600 pixels.

Besides this the team has a feature called Samsung Samsung Fast Start System, this system gives the computer a higher rate to start from scratch compared it with other computers that turn slower. We also have the appeal in cl Charge Sleep And we can connect multiple USB devices to your Compaq HP 6720s battery and using not only solar panel to charge the computer battery for Samsung NC215S but you can also divert some of this energy for charging the batteries devices connected to this.

Samsung seems the company will only release the NC215S for now in Russia and does not provide even a possible launch in other countries. In Russia this great team will be priced at 13,999 rubles, about something close to $ 500. The South Korean company also presents a Dell vostro 2510 battery all-in-one 3D technology, the world of three dimensions reach all devices in this case these new devices to save space. AF315 Samsung model, this is a new desktop display properties that has 3D graphics.

The model has a sleek look and all very refined lines to give the public a product that is not only a single computer but as a piece of furniture into the design of our homes. As for your LCD screen we have a 23 inch area that has more than enough to make the most of the work area of ​​our operating system and Fujitsu lifebook p7120 battery is also a very appropriate size for viewing videos in three dimensions. To make life easier for the user in choosing which mode to use the equipment we have a simple key.

Besides this, the AF315 Samsung has an Intel Core i5, 1 TB hard drive at 7,200 rpm, USB 3.0, TV signal receiver, Blu-ray remote control and special 3D glasses. All to ensure an excellent multimedia experience. To complement all the AF315 comes with a Compaq HP nc6400 battery and keyboard offering greater freedom to use the equipment for example from our couch. The device all-in-one comes to market in South Korea for a price of $ 2,000.

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Dream World

Saturday, June 25th, 2011

Dream World

I would be you, you would be me

we would be one, we would be just fine

The ice caps wouldn”t be melting and neither would I

I would just drive my big old car

and everything would be alright

And energy would just fall down right from the sky

Words would fly right from out of my mind

out of my mind into your heart, into your life

And everything would sound just right

and no one would stop me from drinking my wine

That’’s my dreamworld

that’’s my dreamworld

it’’s more than a dream

My dreamworld, that’’s my dreamworld

and I wanna live in my dream

Oh. the real world just don”t feel right

I wouldn”t spend my days searching for

searching for lost time

I wouldn”t be so damn sensitive

I”d let things go by

No matter what the weather

I”d learn to change

I”d change with the time

And everytime I need a woman

she”d appear right by me

she hold me tight, treat me right

and tell me that everything is gonna be

is gonna be alright, alright

That’’s my dreamworld

that’’s my dreamworld

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Razer Mouse Orochi

Friday, June 24th, 2011

Razer Mouse Orochi


During the E3 2011 event recognized in the world of video games which ended several days ago many releases targeted for gamers happened. Peripherals and accessories to enhance their performance during games are released almost every day to the delight of those who spend hours in front of your Dell Latitude E5500 battery very well known manufacturer in this segment presents a new device dedicated to gaming.

We are talking without doubt Razer who devoted almost exclusively to these devices. Now the company presents the Razer mouse that renews the old Orochi Orochi mouse, brighter and smaller size Orochi Razer mouse Edition Black Chrome has virtually the same design introduced last year but the new version of Dell Latitude E6400 battery has a 100% increase in brightness luminous detail. At the same time a little less in size for greater convenience in transportation within our pack.

The final detail is undoubtedly the logo of the three intertwined snakes in the middle of the body of the mouse. The mouse is ambidextrous Razer Orochi so it’s fully functional for both right and left hand, this has a Dell Latitude E6500 battery with a resolution of 4,000 DPI produces a motion tracking up to 100 inches per second, besides having adjustment mode sensitivity on-the-fly. The peripheral is compatible with PCs and Laptops with Windows 7.

The peripheral also features a gold-plated USB connector for those who prefer a wireless device, gold is used by Razer to provide a secure connection all the time without cuts. The new mouse from Razer is already available in the North American market at a price of $ 79.99, for whom Dell Latitude E4300 battery in this country is a very tempting for a mouse with these characteristics. Meanwhile HP launches new wireless mouse, manufacturers continue to seek the best solution to remove the cables from our desk.

Everything suggests that Bluetooth is being abandoned and we have new peripherals with WiFi connectivity to each week, the launch of this time is the WiFi Mobile Mouse. The model had already been announced last n me about this ad is presented as the first wireless mouse in the world, all this to save a Dell GD761 that would be occupied by a Bluetooth dongle in many cases. Now available is the HP WiFi Mobile Mouse for purchase in the North American market with a price of $ 49.99.

This device has five programmable buttons, tilted rotation system allowing for easier navigation. Its sensitivity is adjustable for precision movements according to user need. We will be able to adjust the mouse sensitivity up to 1200 CPI 1600 CPI loa. This operates on two AA Dell latitude d520 battery which has a range of up to 9 months of use. HP bet that the great difference of WiFi Mobile Mouse is the ability not to have it use USB, this feature can be an advantage for users who need mobility.

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Microsoft Touch Mouse

Thursday, June 23rd, 2011

Microsoft Touch Mouse

No doubt that Apple is already at least 10 years have marked a trend in the market which is perhaps the last 5 years has been marked with releases that have marked the design of other manufacturers. For example Microsoft rival Apple to live a little bit and has launched Sony vgp-bps2a camouflaged very similar to the apple company. For example we have a device very similar to Magic Mouse from Apple but with a great flavor to Windows.

The new Microsoft Touch Mouse was first shown at CES 2011, the two products have a touchpad that occupies the entire surface of device. According to the company of Steve Ballmer Touch Mouse and Sony vgp-bps2c has been developed for about two years by two teams, one in the United States and one in England, and went through hundreds of prototypes to get to the final version. The aim was to use multi-touch gestures like those used in Microsoft Surface without neglecting the accuracy of a traditional mouse.

The big difference between this and the Magic Mouse from Apple is that it recognizes the difference between our thumb and fingers, so we will be able to make gestures with fewer touches which undoubtedly facilitates the use of the common user. The mouse comes with a Fujitsu lifebook t4010 battery and uses Microsoft’s BlueTrack technology or whether this will be usable on virtually any surface, the Microsoft Touch Mouse will be sold from June in the United States for about 80 dollars.

Other interesting mouse is presented by Genius, it has a ring format and provides control of your computer remotely. Input devices like keyboards and mice are the focus of many manufacturers for a product and easy to sell. So always try to go Genius a bit further with these Dell Latitude E5400 battery and is in continuous search of peripherals with a distinct appeal, and the company presented the Ring Genius Mouse.

Besides the useful functionality and the Ring Mouse also features a design that provides great comfort and ease of use. Technologically speaking, the control device uses a unique touch that has a sensitivity of 1000 dpi. Dell Latitude E5500 battery operates in the 2.4 GHz frequency region as is already common in peripheral ensuring interference-free operation in the transmission of commands, it can be used at a distance of 10 meters using a small USB receiver Pico.

The price of this product in the U.S. is $ 69.99. And to complete with news on this type of peripherals like a mouse would be 100% made of felt? This is the idea of ​​a designer named Joey Roth, this design and created a mouse made by felt, wood and aluminum. The mouse has two buttons and a Dell Latitude E6400 battery and an optical sensor for movement by the user. This mouse is just a prototype that will be showcased at an event in New York City.

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My Data Manager For Android

Wednesday, June 22nd, 2011

My Data Manager For Android

No doubt that applications for Android has a lot of attention due to its use and turn to the large number of mobile devices every day part of the great family of Google’s mobile operating system. One of the programs that attract the most attention is Dell latitude d520 battery which creates an interesting widget at the work area displaying information on using the monthly plan, marking the consumption data, time of calls and the number of SMS or sent text.

Just to keep track of the times of calls and SMS messages, dodol remains very useful but if we take a closer look at the use of the data connection with the registration traffic on individual application level then nothing compares with Dell latitude d810 battery we can offer My Data Manager widget that offers a much higher and very informative. Essential to maintain good control of your plan and avoid unpleasant surprises upon arrival of the account.

In addition to a beautiful widget that displays the total traffic volume used in both our local and the roaming activated by clicking on the icon of the application interface we can see a much more complete and detailed visualization allows the volume of traffic generated for each application and data synchronization services in the use of the Dell vostro 1310 battery. In the past we WatchDog 3G until it reaches the new application is undoubtedly the evolution of all these meetings.

In the graph we see in the picture we see that it is this great application, but in this case the connection was used for a short period reveal that My Data Manager can provide the exact measure of the traffic used by applications and services. As a result we are able to increase the use of Dell vostro 1510 battery and avoiding the most voracious disabling services involving a high consumption. ManagerAdemas my graphics data format bar graph can be displayed in a “pizza”.

Where they get more evidence on the roles of each application in the consumer data plan. My Data Manager allows even set three notifications for when the monthly usage reaches certain limits, that we realize that ads in the bar of notification.This Dell vostro 1520 battery has its best in giving us control, the application is very interesting and highly sought after by users for high-cost phone carriers charge us for exceeding our plan in just one megabyte.

We highly recommend using this system to monitor all use of our data network and not have headaches at the end of the month. Undoubtedly My Data Manager can be used both in mobile as tablets under the Google Android operating system with the Dell vostro 1710 battery. The content via battery chat.

Clock Is Powered By Wind

Tuesday, June 21st, 2011

Clock Is Powered By Wind

Every time we have more product concepts or devices environmentally chords, some of them run by solar energy and others through the power of the wind, this is precisely the case Eole product. Every day we see more and more models that are consistent with the ecology of Planet Earth many claim that this world as we know it will end and this may refer to abuse human beings we make daily to the world. For this reason and not just cars, “green” popping up every day but now many products humans use every day are changing its shape.

If now we are on the street and see people blowing their hands and wrists do not think we’re in a dream or a science fiction movie, the new Eole clock needs to be blown for the same work. The concept of clock designed by Julien Moïse Eole is very simple and practical. The same is what would be a kind of jet engine red, this is the providing wind power generation.

The energy required for a watch is very low but if we think about the millions and millions of batteries worldwide that will definitely chaotic, so this concept of Moïse is more interesting and also to save this very energy generated by this small turbine clock off the display when it is not being displayed to store energy in the future.

When this is blown the display comes on but after a few seconds it turns off to avoid wasting energy. The Eole has a battery that is charged every time the fan spins, this means that whenever we see the time will be necessary to blow the device. For his part after being disconnected display the remaining battery power is used so that it continues to function and so provide accurate time.

As much as practical not seem very many people will want to use it for its elegance as it presents a very interesting format. But in reality we have a simple concept that is probably hard to see shortly in the market probably accurate at least a couple of years for this product is seen in stores. At the same time talking about clocks concept here is another of his style, it was designed by designer Andy Kurovets. The clock reminds us of a work of art because it has aggressive lines and bright colors that give the product a very elegant style. In this we have the hours and minutes separated by simple air. This piece won its beauty for the excellent solution developed.

The same goes unnoticed in the eyes and in the end this simple bracelet looks like a futuristic clock. These product concepts are an important goal for developers and manufacturers, this order is to know the reaction of consumers towards certain products. In this case we have no release date or price so that we do not reach the market soon.

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Corsair 240GB SSD

Monday, June 20th, 2011

Corsair 240GB SSD


Consumers of technology are still knowing all the real advantages of the new SSDs. Greater stability and security of data, more compact models and especially better performance in implementing the operating system and programs with high consumption of Compaq presario v3000 battery. For example personally perform the test with a SSD and a hard drive and common conclusion surprised me greatly.

While common hard disk requires at least 15 seconds to open Photoshop CS5 with a 160GB SSD this image editing program just made it in 3 seconds, something really spectacular. And not only this but any action with the SSD is almost instantaneous whereas with the Compaq presario v6000 battery always requires a few seconds. Proof of this is the new ad Corsair introduces new SSD devices with more storage options and prices.

These SSDs are solid disks with flash memory type, the acronym stands for “SOLID STATE DRIVE” and no doubt little are revolutionizing the field of technology. But these advantages undoubtedly that bring back a high cost and low capacity as well but slowly this is beginning to change with Dell latitude x300 battery and prices a little more accessible. The company announced the availability of a new family of SSDs called Force Series 3.

According to these new products feature Corsair’s higher performance version of the latest generation of processors for SSD devices, called SandForce SF-2281. This technology allows the drives to read and write files with the amazing speed of 550 MB per second and 520 MB per second. For lovers of Dell inspiron e1505 battery and users who require an operating system that works seamlessly unity can be no doubt a necessary item and the results promise to be the best in their characteristics.

A turn for fans of external drives here is a record of the kind presented by the company Transcend. But that this would be the two new technologies in this field such as SSDs with USB 3.0 ports? Undoubtedly we would have to Ferrari fastest external drives. Model No question is SSD18C3 Transcend, Sony vgp-bps2a is a 1.8-inch drive that has an appearance that resembles a portable hard disk case, your body is composed of a silicone resilient to shocks, black color in a sober and some details in yellow.

Another great advantage of this SSD Transcend company is the One Touch button that performs a backup of the files instantly through a company’s own software that accompanies the product. Remembering that this type of unit not only provides mobility to always accurate data but can also leave Sony vgp-bps2c safer and synchronized products for greater productivity. The notebook SSD Transcend SSD18C3 compatible with USB 3.0.

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